Sprint CV Interviews: Vox Teneo – “Sprint CV is our tool for CV management and plays a key role in our commercial activities”

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Spending long hours adapting CVs to apply for a tender, asking consultants time and time again to update their information, wondering if you are using the last version of a CV – that’s something of the past. The feedback we have been receiving for the last (almost) four years truly proves that creating a CV management software was one of our best decisions. Hereby, we share the experience of Serge Duquoc, Business Development Director, and …


Sprint Cv Interviews: Digitalum – “One of Sprint CV’s strengths is that we don’t need to build CVs from scratch”

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Imagine a world where CVs are not a pain in the neck for companies and consultants, and the governance process is automated and efficient. At Sprint CV, we have been providing an effortless way for consulting / tech companies to manage, edit, create and generate their consultants’ CVs. We share the experience of Digitalum, one of our clients. Digitalum is a “game-changer in e-commerce and customer experience”. Founded in Belgium in 2018, Digitalum has been …