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5 Tips for IT Professionals to Improve their Europass CV

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Europass CV for the IT industry that pleases both IT recruiters and IT consultants - Sprint CV

Getting employed in a prestigious company in Europe begins with an impressive and detailed Europass CV. That’s the first thing employers/recruiters would want to see before they proceed with the interview process and hiring the candidate. If you are aiming for a position in the IT industry, first you need to know some small tips that will help you improve your Europass CV. These will maximize your chances to be called for an interview.

Why is it critical for your IT CV to pass the standards of Europass?

Europass was designed and implemented to standardize the Curriculum Vitae at European Level by the European Parliament, as a consequence it is largely adopted by European companies, forcing the candidates to apply for job offers using the Europass template. However, for the IT industry, the default Europass CV template is far from ideal.

You can easily optimize your Europass CV for the IT market by answering the following questions, which are of great value for IT recruiters:

  • What companies have you worked for?
  • When and how long?
  • What were you doing for each company and which technologies/tools were applied?
  • How many years of experience on specific skills?

5 tips to improve your Europass CV

5 tips for an awesome Europass CV - Sprint CV

TIP 1:
On project description don’t make big text compositions, just show the big picture, no more than 5 lines or 2 paragraphs.

TIP 2:
In general, people should say how they have contributed positively to a project/company, talking about their achievements and how they represented a great and differentiating asset. On the Professional Experience section add an Achievements field, with no more than 5 lines or 2 paragraphs.

TIP 3:
List the roles you performed during the project. Just because your job title was Project Manager it doesn’t mean you hadn’t done analyst, developer, and team leader work. On the Professional Experience section add a Roles Performed field.

TIP 4:
List all technologies, frameworks, methodologies, and software used on each project.

TIP 5:
The most important part, recruiters are looking for a hard skills recipe:
– 3 years of experience with Java/J2EE
– 3 years of experience with Web services: REST/SOAP
– 2+ years of experience in the Banking industry
Bear in mind, in most of the cases, the decision to call you for an interview is taken by the recruiter in the first 60 seconds. It is fundamental that your CV makes a summary of a number of years on each skill, to match the recipe that the recruiter is searching for.


Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT IndustryThese five tips will help you create a better Europass CV that will pave the way to your success in the IT industry. Your CV is your first point with the employer/recruiter, therefore, it needs to have the key information that the recruiter is looking for. More importantly, it should be aligned with the Europass standards.

If creating and maintaining your CV presents a huge challenge, there is no need to fuss. At Sprint CV, we want to help you in improving your chances to get hired. Our online CV generator tool will apply all these best practices and generate your Europass CV  in a fully automated way. Our mission is to save you a great deal of time and let you focus on the other more important aspects of your application.

Click here to see an example of a Europass CV generated by Sprint CV.

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