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After reading Niall Maher’s, Senior Front-end Developer from Ireland, great post “How to write a better CV – the web developer edition“, we have decided to reach out to him and launch our first community proposed CV template.

Niall knows exactly the struggle of talented IT professionals to create a clear and accurate CV. He wants his colleagues to succeed so he gathered his best advice and created a CV template that we now call Developer CV.

I have met plenty of very talented engineers over the years who struggle to get called into interviews directly due to an unprofessional, sloppy or unfocused CV. I know when I started applying to jobs this was something I struggled with. So, I’m hoping now that I have been on all sides of the interview process I can help other engineers get over the first hurdle.

– Niall Maher

Now you can automatically generate your own Developer CV in seconds on our website, where you will find Niall’s template among all our other CV templates.

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Developer CV – Let your CV be as great as you are!

Let us just resume the sections of the Developer CV for you.

Header and Intro

The header should include your name and contact details. It should also include a title matching the role you are applying for. Include as well some bullet points of how experienced in roles that the job will request.

The intro should be brief and professional. It should be less of an introduction and more of a headline, a teaser that makes the reader feel like it’s worth reading on. You are better off having a single focused sentence here than rambling about how “enthusiastic” you are.

Sprint CV Developer CV template highlights what recruiters are looking for in a developer CV

Developer CV – An example of Header and Intro

Technical Skills Set

A section with your technical skills and time of experience on each.

Sprint CV Developer CV template technical skillset. 

Developer CV – An example of Technical skills set

Professional Experience

The professional experience should be brief, focused and include relevant bullet points. It should follow a structure of — Company name, your job title, the date you started/finished and then a summary of the role finishing with bullet points with the technical skills you used in the role.

Sprint CV Developer CV template professional experience.

Developer CV – An example of Professional Experience

Education, Training and Language

For a lot of companies, education or at least some technical coursework will be important to show that you are a capable learner. Although a degree is not always required for a role, you should definitely be including at the bare minimum some of the online courses and tutorials you have finished. Do not forget to mention all the languages that you can speak.

Sprint CV Developer CV template education, training and language.

Developer CV – An example of Education, Training and Language

Sprint CV – Working for the IT community

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Here at Sprint CV, we want to make sure that building and updating your CV is neither complex nor time-consuming. We want to enable every IT professional to transform his professional experience into any CV template just by clicking a button. Today, we already support many different CV templates, but our goal is to support more and more CV templates in order to remove manual CV formatting from the IT industry. We want to involve the IT community and accept the collaboration from every single of you, so we leave with this challenge.

Do you have an awesome CV template is worth to be shared? Then, reach out to us!

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