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Hello everyone,

It is with a great pleasure and honor that we bring you the first release of Sprint CV, a new IT CV generator that will enable you to generate your IT CV in a sprint, saving you a lot of time.

Due to the complexity of the IT industry, nowadays, every company/client decides to set up their own CV template, a way that they use to standardize their internal processes of recruitment, like this companies and clients, guarantee a uniformization between all the candidates.

The great number of different templates creates a huge overhead on IT Recruiters and IT Consultants, forcing them to lose hours of their they daily job just to comply with the demanded formats, just to be eligible to go to a presentational interview.

Imagine if all those hours were invested in really understanding the consultant motivation and if he is the right person to the task…



Myself, I had the pleasure to be IT Recruiter for one year, then I decide to return to the technical side. The experience allowed me to see better both worlds, an IT Recruiter has some many things to do in his daily routine:
  • Receive the requests from the clients that are always for yesterday
  • Search new candidates
  • Interviews with new candidates
  • Agree on the contract clauses with the selected candidate
  • Listen to the needs of existent consultants
  • Contract renewals
  • etc.

With so many tasks depending on a very small team, quite often some tasks stay behind, like:

  • Helping the consultants to better fill their CV template
  • Advising the consultant to better prepare the interview
  • Giving the proper follow-up to every single candidate

Because we understand how hard is the life on both sides, we created Sprint CV to help  IT Recruiters and IT Consultants.  Our mission is to make IT recruitment more people-focused free of manual CV formatting, where IT recruiters and IT consultants have more time to focus on each other.

Our wish is to avoid the strange moment, where the IT Recruiters asks the IT Consultant to fill their CV template. Honestly speaking, that it is the worst that can happen in an interview where everything goes well,  consultant and recruiter believe that they found the perfect matching for the position, but before ending the call with, comes the question, “can you please fill our CV template until the end of the day?”

We have created a special CV template for the situation, our in-house CV template, that is:

  • Modern one page CV;
  • Accurate, highly resumed report over the technologies, roles, and industries;
  • Detailed, all the information regarding all the projects that the consultant was involved.

The goal of our in-house CV template, is to allow the IT Consultants to tell to the IT Recruiters, sorry but I don’t have time to fill your CV but I am pretty sure that all the information that you need is within my CV so you can translate it if you need.

With Sprint CV we make sure that the experience of the consultant will adapt to the desired format with the minimum interaction and within seconds he can have the word document of the desired template perfectly filled.

Be one of our ambassadors, use for free Sprint CV just released service and if you like, feel free to recommend to your colleagues and recruiters.

Small note – We aren’t and we will never be any IT Recruitment company or agency, we are just creating a service that can help both sides.
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