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How to write an amazing IT resume?

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The famous “resume”, or one-page CV, has become more and more fashionable when applying for jobs. Initially mostly used in Anglophone countries outside Europe like the US, Canada and Australia, where the market has traditionally had the need for a very concise CV that could fit on a single page.

It is now growing in popularity in countries where the lengthier CV was stronger, especially in Europe; CVs are adapting to the fact that recruiters and decision-makers tend to spend less than 60 seconds reviewing them.

Google trends: Usage of keywords like “cv” vs “resume” worldwide.

A resume or one-page CV mixes design, structure and the most important information about your professional experience, which might make you the right person for the job to which you are applying. Remember, the one-page CV has only one goal: to show in a few seconds that your profile matches the advertised profile and that consequently get you an interview. When that happens, your CV did its job.

Writing an effective one-page CV can be a complex task, so let us guide you through the process.

How should an IT resume be structured and organised?

First, you should select a clean layout. We recommend that you use a two-column structure since it enables a better presentation of the information.

For a start, your name, a suitable photo and the job title to which you are applying should be the most prominent features; always try to mimic the job title that the recruiters are searching for, since it gives a stronger first impression.

Clean, well stuctured and with a great image is how a IT resume should be

On a side note: if you don’t have a nice photo of yourself, try to get one (it doesn’t need to be in a suit as long as it is professional). However, if you are applying to a big consulting firm, you should always use a photo in a suit or no photo at all.

IT skills summary

In one-page CVs, you should place yourself on the shoes of the recruiter and know that they screen your CV in less than 60 seconds, so the key information must be visible right away. The key is to make sure your skills mimic the job description and show you are the right person for it.

Here is an example of a job advert – your information should be similar to what they are looking for:

Your profile:

  • University degree in computer sciences or similar
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in Qlikview development
  • Familiar with Business Objects suite
  • Large experience on Oracle databases and SQL
  • Fluency in English is required
A good one-page CV has a Skills summary that mimics the job description
IT resume: Skills summary section example

Latest experience

After highlighting your IT skills, you need to support them with evidence of your latest experience. We recommend that you briefly include your last five roles, touching on the following points:

  • Job title(s)
  • Dates
  • Location
  • Employer and, if possible/applicable, final client
  • Achievements
  • Technologies used

The job title and technologies used will be, by far, the most important aspect, since the selection is based, on the fact that you possess the right skill set to do the job. After you get the attention of the recruiter, you need to feed them with some details about yourself. That is why the two-column structure is so recommended – it easily guides the eyes of the person reading your CV.

IT resume: Latest experience section example

A short summary of your profile

Write a short summary about you, as if you are selling yourself in the third person, like:

“A versatile, analytical and hard-working IT consultant, with a practical “get the things done” approach, who always perseveres to achieve the best results. Passionate about the automation of IT processes.”

Or you can make it more to the point and share some key figures of your professional experience, like:

  • Professional experience: 11 years
  • First professional experience: 07-2007
  • Industry experience: Telecom (5.1 years); Energy (3 years); Banking (2 years); Public Sector (3.3 years);

Contact details

Contact details are crucial in an it resume

Include your contact information like mobile phone number and email address, as well as your online presence in LinkedIn, any blogs you might write, Github, and others. Links to your Facebook page would probably not be appropriate, though.

Recruiters will definitely confirm all your information with your online profiles, so make sure they are consistent with your CV.


Always refer your higher education – the year you completed your studies, the degree and its name.

Certificates and extra training

Highlight the certifications and other courses that you have attended, proof that you are a pro-active person and eager to improve.


Refer to all the languages that you are able to speak because, in a more international environment, that can be a great decisive factor. Having said that, if your only language ability is your native tongue, it is probably not worth drawing people’s attention to this fact.

Some extra recommendations

  1. We recommend you to use text instead of images since it works against you when your CV is processed by computers;
  2. Select a layout that does not create a visual diversion for the eyes of the reader and can guide recruiters in the way you want them to read. You are selling your story, not the layout of your CV;
  3. Be aware that a one-page CV can be a great tool in some recruitment processes, but also a dangerous option if the company needs more detailed information about you. Check our post where we analyse which CV template you should use to apply to a job post.
  4. Prefer to use docx (Microsoft word) format instead of PDF, because many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) which have problems processing PDF documents.
An amazing IT resume example generated by Sprint CV
IT resume example generated by Sprint CV

Generate a great IT resume with Sprint CV

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At Sprint CV we understand that many times it is hard for an IT professional to create a great one-page CV and that is why we have built the IT Resume template, where you can generate one without any effort. Check here our IT Resume example and if you wish to generate yours as well, just sign up to Sprint CV and create your consultant account!

We wish you good luck!

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