Sprint Cv Interviews: Digitalum – “One of Sprint CV’s strengths is that we don’t need to build CVs from scratch”

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Imagine a world where CVs are not a pain in the neck for companies and consultants, and the governance process is automated and efficient. At Sprint CV, we have been providing an effortless way for consulting / tech companies to manage, edit, create and generate their consultants’ CVs. We share the experience of Digitalum, one of our clients.

Digitalum is a “game-changer in e-commerce and customer experience”. Founded in Belgium in 2018, Digitalum has been designing, building, and maintaining amazing omnichannel experiences, working for well-known brands such as Yamaha, Firestone, Huntsman, Bridgestone, and others.

Digitalum experience with Sprint CV

Marco (Sprint CV Founder): We have been working together for a year now, during which Digitalum’s team of experts has been growing fast. Specifically, managing your consultants’ CVs was becoming very challenging. How was it before starting to use Sprint CV?

Serge (Sales): Before Sprint CV, we were managing our business like a typical startup. We had few resources and we did things instinctively using the basics: a network drive and a word processor. CVs were emailed back and forth, with different versions or languages that had to be kept in sync manually. In sales, you need to be able to quickly find and generate the right CV in a format or template to respond to a customer request. The bigger the team grows, the harder this way of working gets. Because this is a universal challenge for consultancy agencies, we started looking for a cost-effective solution in the market that would fit our needs.

Sprint Cv Interviews: Digitalum - “One of Sprint CV’s strengths is that we don’t need to build CVs from scratch”

“One of Sprint CV’s strengths is that it’s easy to import their CV. We don’t need to build the CVs from scratch”

Marco: What has been your experience with Sprint CV so far? Consultants and management wise?

Diederik (Operations): Generally speaking, we are really satisfied with the solution – it’s very straightforward. Whenever someone joins the team, they get access and we show them around in SprintCV immediately. One of Sprint CV’s strengths is that it’s easy to import their CV, e.g. generated from Linkedin. We don’t need to build the CVs from scratch. In addition, the support of SprintCV is very responsive and many suggestions by users to improve the platform are adopted fast as well.

Also, with SprintCV’s built-in data privacy and consent features, our team members also have full transparency on which data in their CV is being updated by whom and for what reason. This fosters trust in the organization as well.

Get the consultants’ buy-in

Marco: Actually, we have a very interesting story with Digitalum. You were the only client that asked us to train all the consultants. It was great to have that open channel with the ones that use the platform and to implement their super valuable feedback.

Tanja (HR): It is important within Digitalum that the team always understands why and how we can benefit from using a solution or platform such as SprintCV. Not only does it help to create more acceptance and in addition generates valuable feedback from the consultants as well to further improve our tools & processes.

Marco: I am curious about the CV’s uploading process. Is that the management’s or consultants’ responsibility?

Tanja (HR): After someone is hired, I show them around in the system. The uploading and updating are done by the consultants and they can reach out to me for guidance if necessary.  Our ambition is to empower our team members in maintaining an accurate resumé of their expertise and practical experience or training. We expect everyone to review and update their CV once every quarter. It would be great to have some reporting/reminder functionality built-in the tool to support this requirement. Currently, we rely on individual reminders by either myself or my colleagues in sales.

Digitalum talks about how Sprint CV improved their processes

Open positions at Digitalum

Marco: We believe that giving ownership to the consultants is the best way to use Sprint CV. Managers should, of course, review the profiles and give tips and comments. Regarding your team, are you currently hiring? How can people apply?

Tanja (HR): Our open positions are all listed on our website, various job platforms, and LinkedIn but applications are handled directly through our website.

Yes, we are currently hiring. If you have some degree of experience in the customer experience and e-commerce platforms of Adobe or SAP or would like to pivot your career to this domain, give us a shout! 

Marco: What is your goal this year to close the SOA? What is your headcount target for 2022?

Diederik (Operations): In 2021 the team grew from 26 to 39 in 2021 and the ambition for 2022 is 50.  There is a strong demand for experts in cx & e-commerce from our customers in a very niche domain. Which makes it also one of the biggest challenges we are facing right now. We’ll keep pushing the envelope and keep focusing on maintaining high satisfaction levels with our customers and team members. The rest will follow suit. 

Digitalum team - Sprint CV clientDigitalum is hiring professionals with experience in the customer experience and e-commerce platforms of Adobe or SAP

Marco: Do people need to be located in Belgium?

Tanja (HR): No. Ideally, we gather and leverage local expertise since it is convenient for customers and team members to express themselves in the local language, to be in the local time zone, and, especially to be co-located. At the same time, we realize that local profiles with senior or expert skills are scarce, in fact limited. And as some of our customers are global brands with HQ outside of Belgium, we decided to expand the team across national borders as well for improved customer intimacy. Currently, we have onboarded team members based in Portugal, England, and Brazil, for example. It does require extra attention and effort to make sure everyone is having a good time working for Digitalum but our team is doing a great job!  

Marco: Awesome! It seems like Digitalum is doing well in terms of employees and clients. And that 2022 is on a good track to be a great year. Thank you so much for your feedback and your time here.

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