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At Sprint CV, our mission is to revolutionize CV management and streamline recruitment processes for companies. By leveraging our innovative solutions, we help businesses save time, boost productivity, and maintain consistent, efficient practices. In this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ludovic Denee, Head of IT at Sword Luxembourg. This is their experience embracing Sprint CV’s CV management software to tackle these challenges head-on.

Sword Luxembourg is a leader in data insights, digital transformation and technology services with a substantial reputation in complex IT, business projects and mission-critical operations with over 3,000 Technology, and Digital specialists working in more than 50 countries to enable the growth of your organisation in the digital age.

Sword Luxembourg <> Sprint CV

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: Could you provide a brief overview of Sword Luxembourg, including its areas of expertise, number of consultants, and some of your biggest clients?

Ludovic Denee, Sword Luxembourg: In Luxembourg, Sword is a global IT consulting company that offers innovative solutions in software development, digital transformation, data analytics and artificial intelligence. We have more than 200 consultants working across the country. Some of our biggest clients include the European Commission or Spuerkeess.

The Sprint CV experience

Marco Pincho: Our first interaction dates back to 2021. What specific challenges were Sword trying to fix, and why did you choose Sprint CV as your preferred Enterprise CV manager?

Ludovic Denee: As with all our competitors, reactivity is crucial. Centralizing our skills portfolio in a trusted solution was the objective in order to improve the quality of our call for the tender process.

Marco Pincho: I recall that in the past, setting up your server and uploading all your existing consultant and skills databases took less than 2-3 days, utilizing bulk loads in JSON. Was this process straightforward? Was the ability to perform bulk uploads a key factor in selecting Sprint CV?

Ludovic Denee: The key factor is the reactivity and the flexibility of SprintCV’s team which help us to gain in effectiveness vis-a-vis of the market.

Marco Pincho: Multiple branches of Sword Luxembourg are now using Sprint CV. How was the onboarding process? Is the team satisfied with how they manage CVS now and is it easy to keep them up to date?

Ludovic Denee: As with any tool, SprintCV requests practice. Luxembourg has been a kind of pilot for all the other Business Units which facing the same challenges. Our experience with the solution helped them to embrace the tool in a good way.

Marco Pincho: Your server hosts more than 10 CV templates in your CV Portfolio. How does generating CVs tailored to different roles with just one click benefit your business?

Ludovic Denee: As mentioned earlier, all is related to the reactivity. We have a trusted source of data and different templates ready to answer different customers’ requests. That also brings consistency and coherency to our branding as our customers have always the same branding.

“The key factor is the reactivity and the flexibility of SprintCV’s team”

Marco Pincho: As an active contributor in requesting new features for Sprint CV, how would you rate our support and ability to address client needs and incorporate them into the product?

Ludovic Denee: We are fully satisfied with SprintCV’s support. This flexibility was also a key element in choosing the solution.

Marco Pincho: What areas do you believe Sprint CV could improve upon, and what features would you like to see added to the product?

Ludovic Denee: With time, the solution brings more and more features. The settings menu is a hell at first glance. So, a less complex or clearer settings feature could be nice. Or the possibility of delegating some administrative tasks from the Administrative Panel.

2024 onwards

Marco Pincho: Lastly, what are Sword Luxembourg’s goals for 2024?

Ludovic Denee: Growing, growing and growing!

To learn more about Sword Luxembourg, you can visit their website and LinkedIn.

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