The day CVs stop being a burden for an IT recruiter

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Life of an IT recruiter isn’t easy and everybody knows it. CV management is not easy and an IT recruiter must deal with so many tasks on his daily routine such as:

  • Look for new consultants to join the team;
  • Convince consultants that a certain job will be great for them;
  • Take care of contract related paperwork;
  • Listen to consultant’ complaints and requests;
  • Among others;

To sum to all the previous tasks, there is something you do as if technology hasn’t taken over the world yet: you continue to update and adapt your consultants’ CVs manually, a never-ending copy-paste from one document to other… Weird, huh?

So, before we continue, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How many times did you skip the gym or a drink with friends because a client requested a CV at 5 pm? And how many hours did it take you to update those CVs?
  2. How many times were you delighted by a one-page clear and well-designed resume that quickly turned into a nightmare because it’s not in your company’s template?
  3. And, how many times did you think for yourself: can we please, please have just one CV template in the entire world?

Enough of “how many” questions (still, we believe it doesn’t bother you as much as updating CVs manually).

Let’s be honest: CV management is a burden for everyone in the IT industry, special for an IT recruiter that needs to spend so much of his time updating, formatting and making sure that the CV consultant will look great in the eyes of his client/manager.

Here at Sprint CV, we believe that you should focus on what really matters: find, attract and build relationships with your consultants. We believe that all the repetitive tasks should be automated, starting with the CV formatting and CV updating of your consultants.

In this way, you will have more time to better advice the consultant on what skills he should highlight on his CV, understand if a consultant is the right fit for the position, and other activities where your expertise really makes a difference.

We have developed the all-around solution that simplifies the whole IT CV process of your company, by making sure that your company works always with updated CVs, in the right format, correctly filled and promptly available.

Sprint CV is the CV management solution that simplifies the all CV related tasks
The CV generator solution that your company needs – Sprint CV
Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT Industry

Sprint CV takes all the consultant’s data, enriches it with real-time analytics and, by applying a desired CV template, you will get a perfect CV in Word generated in seconds.

Imagine the time you will save when you have access to all your consultant’s professional data that can be extracted on the CV template that you need!

Too good to be true? We invite you to test Sprint CV and allow your professional life to be more efficient and get more time for your personal life.

Now, answer just one more question: Are you ready to embrace the digital era in all fronts of your work?

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