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The value of a branded CV template in IT outsourcing

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The IT market is booming and the need to attract the best talent is a top priority for outsourcing companies. The shortage in the number of IT professionals, alongside the need to close the deal as fast as possible, often translates into shortcuts in the hiring process, like skipping a branded CV template. So, to make your company noticed by prospective clients, we can all agree that there is one aspect that determines the chances of your consultants being called to an interview: the CV.

You have certainly heard that it is easy to make a good first impression, but not to make a lasting impression. So, when it comes to proposing your consultants’ CV to your prospective clients, there are two different options followed by the market:

  • Option A: Send the original CV
  • Option B: Send the consultant’s CV on your own company’s template

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both scenarios and the impact it has on your company’s image and ability to attract business.

Consultants’ original CV – Pros and Cons

Using the original consultant’s CV can speed up the process – you select the candidates and immediately send the CVs to prospective clients. Seems easy, right? Well, there is a reason why so many companies avoid doing this.

This method can be confusing to clients, since each CV has a completely different structure and, normally, is not adapted to their needs. This can rapidly decrease the chances of having your consultants called to an interview and, bottom line, to close the deal.

Most of all, it will not differentiate your company from companies B and C and your value proposition will not be noticed. You are selling the consultant (and not in a good way), instead of selling your company. Why risk it?


  • Makes the hiring process easier and faster
  • Recruiters can focus on their relationships with consultants


  • Random structure, quality not clear
  • Impact on your company image
  • Sells the consultant, not the company
  • Company’s value proposition not present

Company’s CV template – Pros and Cons

Adopting a branded CV template means that companies add a new layer of complexity on their hiring process. Updating CVs into this new structure manually would take up huge amounts of your recruiters’ and consultants’ valuable time which, in turn, leads to delays sending information to prospective clients.

However, having your own branding and structure in a CV shows how professional, methodical and consistent your company is. It also shows that you have great talent working with you and that both represent the same values. This can be a turning point for getting your consultants called for interviews.



Sprint CV – Offers the best of both worlds

Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT Industry

At Sprint CV, we strongly believe that each company should have its own identity and branding, that shows the quality of their service. In such a competitive market, it is essential that each company take every opportunity show that work with best consultants, that have best hiring processes and understand the clients’ needs better than the rest of the market.

Sprint CV is the CV management solution that simplifies the all CV related tasks

We also believe that that a great CV must answer the client’s needs in less than 60 seconds; if they have a list of skills and experience requirements, you should definitely have it clearly stated in first page of the CV, a initial summary section, for example.

Knowing that updating CVs is a burden and time consuming, we created Sprint CV to dismiss manual formatting and give you flexibility in terms of design, format, structure and speed. A system that is smart and empowers your organisation to work with real-time data, which can be transformed into your CV template in seconds. A system that enables any manager and recruiter to generate an updated CV, just by pressing a button. Speeding up the time to reply to clients, saving precious time and avoiding asking consultants to update their CV on a regular basis.

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