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Having a professional and clean looking CV is the first step to achieve your professional goals. The easier you make the recruiters’ job, the more chances you have to be noticed and get your foot in the recruitment process. Taking this into account, we have decided to re-brand one of your customized CV templates. It can now be generated for free, in just a matter of seconds, to help you get the right IT job!

What the market is looking for

At Sprint CV, there are several templates available – from European Institutions (DIGIT-TM, SITCO, ITS14, etc.), private companies to templates suggested by our community. If there is one thing you should know regarding CVs, it’s that one size doesn’t fit all. We want to make sure we provide you with the best template suitable for the market, so we have done our own research on this.

Our founder Marco Pincho took advantage of his extensive network on LinkedIn and asked what template would suit their needs the best, between Europass and our Sprint CV template. For people working at European Institutions, the Europass is clearly the preferred template. It’s clear, explicit, professional-looking, and gives all the detail needed. For people who work in the private sector, the Europass doesn’t fit. They prefer our customized template and advised a CV of 2 with a maximum length of 4 pages.

You can check the LinkedIn posts, comments, and feedback:

This said we have decided to re-brand this CV template, in order for you to apply to private companies and startups. If you want to apply to European Institutions, check this free optimized Europass CV.

Header and Intro

Here we keep it quite simples: your name, photo, professional title, phone, email, location, and links to your social media profiles and personal website. We advise you to disclose information like address and birthdate later during the interview process.

Also, a summary section where you quickly describe yourself in a more subjective way is a plus for most recruiters – they get the general idea of who you are.


Left column – show how much knowledge you got

This section highlights your knowledge in the industry, starting with your Top Technologies. It’s based on self-assessment and quickly catches the eyes of the recruiter to know what you are an expert on. There was lot of feedback to add the meaning of the circles, that represent the competence rating based on self-assessment.

We also added space for your Education, Certifications and Language.

Pro tip: Do not to include the year of your certifications and degrees, to avoid misjudgments if you are too young or too old for the position.

Right Column – your professional experience

In this section, we recommend you make a summary of the project, your achievement,s and the technologies used for each professional experience. Recent experiences are the most relevant, so they come on top.

Pro tip: in order to respect the advised length of the CV, you can merge your initial professional experiences in one, in case it makes sense for you. One essential thing to keep in mind is to include the year in which you began your career. This way you don’t lose years of experience when a recruiter looks at your CV.


Bottom – Your skill summary and industry experience

All job descriptions in IT are focused on your skills, level, and years of experience with technologies, frameworks, etc. We advise you to list all your skills, do your own self-assessment for each and display your years of experience. The good news is, when you insert your data at Sprint CV, we automatically generate a Skills Summary with a real-time calculation of the years of experience.

A table of competences is very useful for recruiters and managers. They usually filter candidates based on the skills shown on CVs.


Automated technology experience report generated by sprintcv

Automated technology experience report generated by Sprint CV


Recruiters often look for professionals with experience in certain industries, such as banking. We have also included a section that highlights the industries you have been working on.

Automated industry experience report generated by Sprint CV

Automated industry experience report generated by Sprint CV


Sprint CV – Your ally to get you the right IT job

Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT IndustryApplying to a job opening is much more than “just” sending your CV. The trick is to immediately show recruiters that you are the right person for the job.

You can now generate your this Sprint CV template for free! Sign up on Sprint CV, provide your data, and get a Docx format without watermark, in a matter of minutes.

We want to be on your side when you decide to go all-in for a new challenge. We are also here to provide you with free guidance on the next steps of your career such as:

Feel free to reach out to our founder on Linkedin or via Email.

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