Sprint CV advice: How to answer to what are your salary expectations?

How to answer: “What are your salary expectations?”

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“What are your salary expectations?” – a common question during recruitment processes that has quite a complex answer. It usually forces candidates to tell recruiters their expectations at the beginning but, often, companies hide their offer until the last moment. How many recruitment processes have you been through without knowing how much the company is willing to pay? How many interviews have you done that were a waste of time because the salary proposed was …

Sprint CV - Release notes

Sprint CV – Release Notes

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25/04/2022: Release 13.C Add Release Notes link to the footer. Add a direct link to the consultant profile on the email saying that the consultant has updated his profile Fixed the issue of deleting the last professional experience that was not deleting the skills and roles. Add the option to opt out from the job application Fixed the issue on the Advanced search by filtering by Minimum Academic degree Fixed the issue of removing a …