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Let’s be honest: how many times have you interrupted a recruitment process or didn’t even apply because you were too lazy to update your CV? It’s a quite boring task and a loss of time, we know it. That’s why we firmly believe this process should be automated and that you should have a one-stop platform to guide you. Let us introduce you to the CV manager every tech professional needs (and it’s free, by …

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The CV management solution that your company needs

Sprint CV - CVs done right, right away! CV Management Solution, General

Over our years of experience in IT, we have noticed that CV management is a pain in the neck for most IT companies, especially the ones who outsource their consultants. Having the know-how and lots of fresh ideas, we knew we had to do something about it! Here’s how we have created the CV management solution that will grow your business. The state of the “art” Cutting edge, ultramodern, up-to-the-minute… When you hear these words, …