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Over our years of experience in IT, we have noticed that CV management is a pain in the neck for most IT companies, especially the ones who outsource their consultants. Having the know-how and lots of fresh ideas, we knew we had to do something about it! Here’s how we have created the CV management solution that will grow your business.

The state of the “art”

Cutting edge, ultramodern, up-to-the-minute… When you hear these words, they easily take you back to technology. But when you think about recruitment in this industry, these words surely don’t apply, right? After sounding out some companies, we can say there is a common problem: CV management.

Job posts and job applications tracking

Take the example of “Tech ABC”, a globally well-known company, that often submits call for tenders for the European Commission. Like many other big companies, they have a shared folder or SharePoint location that stores all the CVs. So, every time they need their consultants’ information, they have to search all over, often in different languages, templates, and formats. This, of course, is like searching for a needle in a haystack! And, normally, there are no filters to guide, leading to hours and hours of searching and identifying the right candidates

Now, let’s look at “XYZ Consulting”, which posts on LinkedIn using images. If you are interested, you have to send an email to

Traditional image announcing a job opportunity

Traditional image announcing a job opportunity at “XYZ Consulting”

This is very clear evidence that “XYZ Consulting” is processing job applications manually. To apply, candidates must through e-mail, instead of a page linked to their Application Tracking System (ATS). Most probably, someone elected as the “rookie of the week” will have to clean the mailbox, look through all the CVs, and add them to the ATS – manually!

Can you imagine how many mistakes and missed job applications? Also, we wonder how do they manage the consent of GDPR in all of these CVs.

Adapting CVs to the right template

In many companies, after the job application, they propose an interview date to the candidates and ask them to fill their CV template. If an applicant applies to three different companies, imagine the effort of filling three different CV templates manually!

Worse than this: many companies do this themselves and manually. How many hours of work could be saved with a good CV parser that pre-fills all the data?

Finding the right candidates within the database of consultants

Typically, very few consultants’ data is saved on the companies’ ATS. This means that finding consultants within the database is also an issue.

For example, take this client request:

  • +5 years of Java development experience
  • +2 years of Angular experience
  • Experience with Spring, Hibernate
  • Basic level of French is an asset

Is it easy to find how many candidates match this request? No. So, usually, it’s easier for companies to start a new process than to search in their internal database of received applications.

Knowing your team’s skills

From time to time, companies launch internal surveys to get to know the skills of their staff (how many Java, Angular, .Net, etc.) or to understand their levels of expertise (how many consultants with more than 5 years programming Java, for example). This process remains very manual and the kind of reporting that could really help a company to better understand the skills and its teams, remains very limited since the data isn’t properly stored.

GDPR consent

All the new rules of GDPR come into force in May 2018, but many companies still lack processing the consent of the job applications according to it. In the past, we wrote about this topic, in the article Is IT recruitment GDPR compliant?  – take a look if you have some doubts.

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Always contact consultants – Uploading every CV that you find is not legal under GDPR. Please contact the consultants and get consent before starting to process their data;
  • Contact consultants as soon as possible – You can only keep a consultant’s data without consent for a maximum period of a month. Contact them as soon as possible and delete their data if they ask you to;
  • Only process the data that you need – And, also, avoid processing sensitive data, especially if do not need it;
  • Obtain data legally – Gathering data from social profiles, public websites, CV databases is legal under GDPR. If those profiles are publicly accessible, it is legal to assume that those consultants expect to be contacted. You can contact them but, before processing their data, you need to get their consent;

For all these reasons, it’s very important to have a good consent management of received data and CVs. Companies should always ask for the consent of their candidates, renew the consent often and always give an option for the candidate to opt-out /right to be forgotten.

To sum up

Does any of these situations sound familiar to you? Whether you are the owner, the manager, or the recruiter at an IT company, you most surely know what we are talking about. A lot of IT outsourcing companies are having these problems managing CVs, ATS, matching candidates to requests, GDPR management, knowing their teams’ skills in real-time, etc. Time and efficiency are key in this competitive market, and having an inefficient process to manage every step of the live cycle of a candidate/CV could prevent companies from growing their business.


Now, let’s talk about solutions

If only there was a way to automate all of this…

Guess what, there is! And that’s why we have created Sprint CV – a true CV management solution. Take a look at how we automate the whole process, from selecting the right applicants to propose the right consultants, what we aim is to offer a solution that covers the full life cycle of a candidate / CV. From the job post to onboarding, and full evolution of the consultant within the company.

Optimized job posts

Want to make sure your job post reaches the right candidates? With Sprint CV, you can generate job posts with an optimized link, with a clear and professional visual. It will then lead to the fully-explained job description and kindly invite the candidates to apply.

Plus, this job description can be redirected to your website (white label version at Sprint CV), allowing candidates to see all your job offers and complete information about your company. Getting the matches will be a piece of cake!

CV Management Solution - Job Post Description - Sprint CV


Plus, the links of job posts are optimised to be shared on social networks like LinkedIn. Just by pasting the URL in LinkedIn, the preview page will be displayed and when clicked, it will open a new tab with the job post.

CV Management Solution - Job Post - Sprint CV

Application Tracking System 

At Sprint CV, since we aim to follow the full life cycle of the CV, starting with the job applications, we provide an easy view of all job applications, status, matching score, etc.

Many features will be released this year, for example: automatic calculation of the matching score from a given application, proposing existing candidates to the new opening based on their matching score, a referral module that allows your employees to refer people and get monetary compensation, and much more.

Automated CV parsing

Nothing is more annoying than, after receiving a CV, copy-paste the content of the original CV to the desired format. Since, in many cases, it is the same information, why shouldn’t it be automated? Our CV management solution has one the most advanced CV parsers of the market, and, for every CV added, we automatically pre parse all the data and pre-fill all the information in the right places.

CV Management Solution - Automated CV parsing - Sprint CV


CV generator that works in seconds

Sprint CV stores all the consultant’s data and allows you to generate it in any given CV template in seconds. For example, if the marketing team changes the CV template, companies will not need to ask the consultants to fill it again, it will be automatically updated to the new template.

Or, if one client imposes a specific CV template, for example, the European Commission DIGIT-TM CV, you only need to press a button to generate this specific CV template.

CV Management Solution - CV Generator - Sprint CV


Real-time calculation of all data

With Sprint CV, companies monitor in real-time all their consultants’ data, with updated experience every month. For example, if you are looking for consultants with:

  • 5+ years of experience with Java
  • 2+ years of experience with Angular
  • Experience with Spring and Hibernate
  • At least a working level in French


CV Management Solution - Advanced Search - Sprint CV


Tracking this also allows companies to know their team skills in real-time – for example, how many consultants with Java skills. We can see that there are 340 consultants with Java skills and their years of experience (L1 – from 0 to 2 years of experience, L2 – from 2 to 5 years experience, etc).

CV Management Solution - Talent Report - Sprint CV

The calculation also enables companies to have more enriched CVs with the real-time report of the skills.

CV Management Solution - Technical Skills - Sprint CV

Multiple profiles and multiple languages

We understand how important is to customize a CV for a specific position – a Test Engineer has a different profile than a Quality Assurance Manager. Even if the same consultant can apply for both, this will allow you to create multiple profiles and also in different languages. We currently support more than 8 different languages, such as English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Polish, etc.

CV Management Solution - Multiple profiles and multiple languages - Sprint CV


GDPR Consent module

Sprint CV is built to be GDPR compliant. For those reasons, we have a GDPR consent module to make sure each profile is only stored and processed with the consent of the user.

Sprint CV has 2 different ways of storing the data:

  • Shared – when the data is shared with the consultants, so they are the owners of the account and share their data with the company;
  • Private – when the company is the owner of the account, and later on decides if they are willing to share the account with the consultant or not;

In both cases, consent will be requested from the consultant and renewed periodically. They also keep the right to be forgotten.

To sum up

Bottom line, when your company joins Sprint CV, these are the main advantages:

Finding the right fit for your company

  • Automated CV parsing informing the candidates how they score against the job description;
  • Collaborative interface to coach the consultants to improve their CV;
  • Pre-validation of CVs: identify which candidates have the skills that match your job description;
  • Real-time search of candidates with the skills you are looking for, with several filters that simulate a job description;
  • Notify when a candidate matches your needs, enabling direct contact with them;

Grow your business

  • GDPR consent management;
  • Access real-time consultants’ data to match current opportunities;
  • Update and generate your consultants’ CV in the client’s template (in seconds);
  • Full view of your IT talent: Manage your team of consultants’ in a single platform with updated CVs
  • Have your own CV template and automatically apply it to every consultants’ CV

If you’re still not convinced, we invite you to read our article on why you should use CV Management Software.

CV management software

Sprint CV – The CV management solution

Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT IndustrySpending less time managing CVs and more time growing your business is our wish for 2021. By having an efficient CV management solution, you will boost all your company operations.

We are offering a 30-day free trial of Sprint CV to companies that wish to thrive, even more, having efficiency alongside them in all areas. Please reach out to our founder on Linkedin or via e-mail at

See you soon!

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