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Sprint CV Interviews: EpicData

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At Sprint CV, we focus on revolutionizing the way companies manage CVs and streamline their recruitment processes. We have been empowering thriving companies to save time, enhance productivity, and establish consistent and efficient processes. In this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with the team from EpicData. This is their experience embracing Sprint CV’s CV management software to tackle these challenges head-on. EpicData is a data consulting company, founded in 2021, based in Kontich, …

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Referral Program – Refer us a client

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At Sprint CV, we strongly believe in the power of community building. We have witnessed firsthand how our clients and partners have become our strongest advocates, helping us grow and succeed. In return, we assist them in achieving their goals with our CV Management Solution. As a result, and to express our gratitude for being a part of our community, we are thrilled to introduce the Sprint CV Referral Program! Referral Program – Spread the …

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Productivity: Tips to Navigate the Maze

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After connecting with recruiters the right way and using Sprint CV’s tools, you found your dream job! You thought it would all be a breeze, but you still find yourself in a labyrinth, with distractions lurking around every corner, tempting you down the wrong paths and leading you astray from your productivity goals. Navigating through this maze can be challenging, and you feel that a wrong step will jeopardize the job that you love. But …

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Become a smart chameleon with Sprint CV

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Are you tired of constantly adapting your CV to fit different job applications, just like a chameleon changing its colours? Yes, you are trying to stand out, but at what cost? It’s time to become a smart chameleon – the one that automates the whole process. It’s time to have Sprint CV on your side, empowering you to adapt effortlessly to every opportunity. In today’s job market, adapting your CV to each job application is …

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Europass: Generating a CV in Seconds with Sprint CV

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Updating your Europass resume can often be a daunting task. The rigid format and disjointed layout of the Europass template make it challenging to effectively showcase your skills and experience, especially for professionals in the IT field. Many individuals find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed when attempting to navigate the complexities of this standardized format. Furthermore, the thought of formatting and reviewing information to create a Europass can be daunting. We’ve heard industry feedback and understand …

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CV Management Update: Sprint CV version 19 is here!

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We’re thrilled to share the exciting news of the launch of Sprint CV version 19! This latest update is packed with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that will give you a better CV management experience. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of Sprint CV version 19 is designed to make your workflow smoother and more efficient than ever before, from improved usability to streamlined processes. Let’s find out below the key changes …

How to win more bids and tenders with less effort

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Let’s be real – you are tired of spending hours formatting CVs for proposal submissions. The endless manual work is preventing your team from bidding on more opportunities. If only there were an automated way to do all this… Ok, there is! In this blog post, we explain how Sprint CV is the solution you’ve been searching for. It’s time to supercharge your strategy, win more bids and tenders, and crush your competition. Our CV …

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Recruiters Algorithm: Decode it and Secure Pole Position

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Candidates often perceive recruiters as enigmatic figures due to their actions during the recruitment process. However, recruiters typically have clear and logical reasons for their decisions. Unfortunately, candidates may not fully grasp these reasons, leading to missed opportunities for leveraging them to their advantage.In this blog post, we’ll delve into the role of recruiters in the recruitment process, and offer actionable advice on how to increase candidates chances of qualifying first on the job market. …

Recruitment agencies: how to boost sales through CV management

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Are you looking to supercharge your sales? In the fast-paced world of recruitment, time is money, and efficiency is essential. Effective managing and updating consultant CVs is crucial for recruitment agencies striving to stay ahead of the competition and maximize sales. However, the reality is often far from ideal. Hours and hours are wasted, slowing down the process and impacting sales performance. In this blog post, we will show you how to easily solve this …

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Self-Confidence in Job Interviews: Grabbing More Opportunities

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Seeing yourself as the perfect fit for a role is key to secure jobs in the job market. Far too often, candidates miss out on valuable opportunities simply because they fail to showcase their skills and experiences in a compelling manner during job interviews, being too much humble instead.  When stepping into a job interview, your primary goal is clear: convince the hiring manager and potential team members that you are the ideal candidate for …