DIGIT-TM II: European Commission framework contract

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On October 15th 2021, DG Informatics (DIGIT) launched an invitation letter for all market participants to bid on a new framework contract called DIGIT-TM II. DIGIT-TM II is a 1.1 Billion Euro contract from the European Commission for IT services across Europe, which will be awarded very soon (May-June 2022). The intention is for DIGIT-TM II to replace the current framework DIGIT-TM, which will be discontinued by the end of 2022. Source: https://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:366672-2020:TEXT:EN:HTML&tabId=1 What is …

Sprint CV Interviews: Vox Teneo – “Sprint CV is our tool for CV management and plays a key role in our commercial activities”

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Spending long hours adapting CVs to apply for a tender, asking consultants time and time again to update their information, wondering if you are using the last version of a CV – that’s something of the past. The feedback we have been receiving for the last (almost) four years truly proves that creating a CV management software was one of our best decisions. Hereby, we share the experience of Serge Duquoc, Business Development Director, and …


Sprint Cv Interviews: Digitalum – “One of Sprint CV’s strengths is that we don’t need to build CVs from scratch”

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Imagine a world where CVs are not a pain in the neck for companies and consultants, and the governance process is automated and efficient. At Sprint CV, we have been providing an effortless way for consulting / tech companies to manage, edit, create and generate their consultants’ CVs. We share the experience of Digitalum, one of our clients. Digitalum is a “game-changer in e-commerce and customer experience”. Founded in Belgium in 2018, Digitalum has been …

Sprint CV Interviews Keypartner about being their new software for CV management.

Sprint CV Interviews: Key Partner – how Sprint CV improves processes to support growth

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For the last three years, Sprint CV has been providing an efficient and effortless way for tech companies to manage, edit, create and generate their consultants’ CVs. With our software, a process that remains manual for most of the IT corporate world is now digitalized. We hereby share the experience of Andrea Gozzi, Operations Lead Manager at Key Partner, one of our clients. Key Partner – Italian digital integrator Marco (Sprint CV Founder): It has …

Why candidates should be more flexible with remote work

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The pandemic accelerated the existing trend in remote jobs for IT professionals. It was a blessing to many, with countless advantages of working from home or anywhere in the world. While companies and recruiters are still finding their way through this new era, candidates are showing their preferences: to work full-remote. But what does full-remote really mean, and how does it affect the recruitment process? In this post, we explore why we think candidates should …

Best practices to build a corporate CV template

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Having a corporate CV template opens the way for a great first impression among potential clients. Presenting your company in a professional and consistent way has become essential in this competitive market. The corporate CV template used by your team plays, of course, a big role in it. But how do you know your template is the most suitable to promote your services? We share with you the best practices, based on our years of …

Are you a Java Developer? Work for European institutions and get up to 11.000€/month

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As an effect of the pandemic, many tech professionals are out in the market looking for new professional challenges. If you are a Java Developer, the news couldn’t be better: the European Commission and other European institutions are hiring. If spending some days per month in Brussels and working for a highly regarded institution looks like your next life chapter – let us guide you on how you can get the job. The pursuit of …

Sprint CV Interview to globaldatanet

Sprint CV Interview – globaldatanet: “Managing our CVs automatically makes it easier for the whole team”

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Our founder Marco Pincho spoke with Fabian Sokoll from globaldatanet, a German company that builds and optimizes cloud-native applications on AWS using DevOps. For Sprint CV, globaldatanet is more than a client: there is a great relationship of trust, feedback, and transparency. Whenever needed, they are there for each other. We’ve discussed globaldatanet business and future plans, as well as how Sprint CV helps their team to be more efficient and focus on their growth. …

Convert any CV

How to convert any CV into your branded template?

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CV management is a pain in the neck for most IT companies, especially the ones that outsource their consultants. Long hours to get CVs ready for clients, consuming time and energy from recruiters, business managers, and consultants – does this make any sense? What if we told you there is a way to automate this process and efficiently manage your consultants’ CVs? Check how to convert any CV into your branded CV template, in less …

Europass CV Sprint V

Europass CV: the gateway to your tech job in Europe

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Working abroad in Europe had always been a dream for you. But…how to apply for a job in another European country? We have reviewed the documents and selected the essential information for you to apply with one of the most important tools: the Europass CV. Yes, the Europass CV is still alive! For many people, Europass CV is generic, plain, and not creative. But, believe it or not, Europass is the most widely used CV …