sprintcv 5 tips for junior developers How to create a killer CV

5 tips for junior developers: How to create a killer CV

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As a junior developer, finding your first job can be daunting – you’ve just graduated, you have nothing to add in the professional experience section of your CV and it’s common to see companies asking for fresh graduates with 2 years of experience in Java or something similar. This article will guide you on how to build a great CV, taking advantage of the experience you have been acquiring since you started learning and investing …

a great it resume template generated by sprintcv

How to write an amazing IT resume?

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The famous “resume”, or one-page CV, has become more and more fashionable when applying for jobs. Initially mostly used in Anglophone countries outside Europe like the US, Canada and Australia, where the market has traditionally had the need for a very concise CV that could fit on a single page. It is now growing in popularity in countries where the lengthier CV was stronger, especially in Europe; CVs are adapting to the fact that recruiters …

SprintCV helps an it Professional to have a great cv in any CV template ready to any occasion

Which CV template should an IT professional use?

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Do you often get confused with which CV template you should use when applying for a new job position? If yes, this article is for you. Whereas the length is what pops out first, you should know that – especially in Europe – the type of company you are applying to, determines how detailed they expect you to describe your experience and qualifications. Sprint CV will help you clear your mind and make sure you …

it companies increase their sales using branded cv template generated by sprintcv

The value of a branded CV template in IT outsourcing

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The IT market is booming and the need to attract the best talent is a top priority for outsourcing companies. The shortage in the number of IT professionals, alongside the need to close the deal as fast as possible, often translates into shortcuts in the hiring process, like skipping a branded CV template. So, to make your company noticed by prospective clients, we can all agree that there is one aspect that determines the chances …

Sprint CV tips on how to improve your LinkedIn IT profile. A must read for IT consultants.

5 tips to boost your LinkedIn profile as an IT professional

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Nowadays, there is a huge demand for IT professionals, and if you are not getting at least five job offers a day, it means your LinkedIn profile is not doing its job. Our mission is to help you build your CV and get the most out of it, so stay with us to know how to enhance your LinkedIn profile as an IT professional, at the same time you keep it consistent with your CV. …

The day CVs stop being a burden for an IT recruiter

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Life of an IT recruiter isn’t easy and everybody knows it. CV management is not easy and an IT recruiter must deal with so many tasks on his daily routine such as: Look for new consultants to join the team; Convince consultants that a certain job will be great for them; Take care of contract related paperwork; Listen to consultant’ complaints and requests; Among others; To sum to all the previous tasks, there is something …

IT Recruiter – Tutorial

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Welcome to Sprint CV, Sprint CV is the all-around solution that simplifies your company’s IT CV processes, by making sure that it always has up-to-date CVs, which are in the correct format, properly completed and promptly available. We built this tutorial in order to help you understand all of Sprint CV features. It will be continuously enhanced with more tips on how to better use Sprint CV to save your precious time. Here are the …

IT Consultant – Tutorial

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Welcome to Sprint CV, Sprint CV is a new innovative platform that will help you describe all the details of your career and enable you to transform your data in amazing IT CVs highlighting all your IT skills, all this will be done with a push of a button. We built this tutorial in order to help you to understand all the features of Sprint CV, we will continuously improve the tutorial with more tips …

How to structure a good CV for the IT industry - Sprint CV article

How to structure a good IT CV?

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We all know how vital a CV is. Since it’s the “first impression” and the first point of contact with the prospective employer, you should be very careful about how it is presented. Bottom line, it represents you. Standing out in the IT industry can be daunting, specially because there are tons of highly-skilled IT professionals. What seems to be a difficult and confusing thing to do could be done easily if you only know …

automatically generate your Developer CV with Sprint CV and the new Developer CV template

Developer CV – Free IT CV template is now available

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After reading Niall Maher’s, Senior Front-end Developer from Ireland, great post “How to write a better CV – the web developer edition“, we have decided to reach out to him and launch our first community proposed CV template. Niall knows exactly the struggle of talented IT professionals to create a clear and accurate CV. He wants his colleagues to succeed so he gathered his best advice and created a CV template that we now call …