An image with the color scheme of Sprint CV, indicating how to generate a cv in a few clicks.

How to Generate a CV in a few clicks

Sprint CV - CVs done right, right away!CV Generator, CV Template, General

Today’s job market, with its high competitiveness and rapid changes, poses challenges for job seekers: everyone is looking for a unicorn, A dream job that not only provides a strong financial reward but also aligns with their goals and values. To generate a CV may seem like an easy task, but consider that consultants, while looking for new opportunities, also deal with their current job duties. For them, organizing details across multiple CVs, each tailored …

An AI Assistant helping in the recruitment process

AI Assistant: how AI can boost your performance in recruitment

Sprint CV - CVs done right, right away!CV Generator, CV Management Solution, General

AI assistants, exemplified by ChatGPT, are reshaping the business landscape. In a testimony from Sprint CV’s founder, Marco Pincho, the transformative impact of an AI assistant is highlighted, emphasizing its role in time-saving, 24/7 availability, and benefits throughout the recruitment process. It efficiently streamlines tasks from CV preparation to job matching. Sprint CV’s AI-powered solutions offer a refined recruitment process, allowing recruiters to refocus on meaningful interactions and connections with candidates. Testimony from Sprint CV’s …