Recruitment agencies: how to boost sales through CV management

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Are you looking to supercharge your sales? In the fast-paced world of recruitment, time is money, and efficiency is essential. Effective managing and updating consultant CVs is crucial for recruitment agencies striving to stay ahead of the competition and maximize sales. However, the reality is often far from ideal. Hours and hours are wasted, slowing down the process and impacting sales performance. In this blog post, we will show you how to easily solve this …

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Self-Confidence in Job Interviews: Grabbing More Opportunities

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Seeing yourself as the perfect fit for a role is key to secure jobs in the job market. Far too often, candidates miss out on valuable opportunities simply because they fail to showcase their skills and experiences in a compelling manner during job interviews, being too much humble instead.  When stepping into a job interview, your primary goal is clear: convince the hiring manager and potential team members that you are the ideal candidate for …

The journey of creating Sprint CV: a testimony from our founder

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Have you ever wondered how Sprint CV got started? Get to know the behind-the-scenes as our founder Marco Pincho takes us through the journey of what inspired him to create his own business and disrupt the way CVs are processed.         Marco Pincho, Founder of Sprint CV Like many of us in the IT industry, I’ve received countless requests to fill out my CV in a specific branded CV template. Things got …

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Boost your CV: 5 Essential Tips to Land your Dream Job

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In job hunting, your CV is your first impression. It can either open doors or close them. Many promising candidates miss out on their dream jobs because their CV’s are not optimized for the specific job they are applying to. If you don’t want to be one of them, keep reading and find out 5 essential tips to boost your CV and help you stand out. Boost your CV through a Clear Storyline Your CV …

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Protect your Data: 7 Good Principles to Apply to your CV

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Nowadays, it is more important than ever to protect your personal information while maintain a professional online presence. Your CV, often your first point of contact with potential employers, is no exception. At Sprint CV, we recognize both of those necessities. Here are seven essential tips to ensure your CV doesn’t inadvertently reveal sensitive data. Be Mindful of Your Address While providing your city and country is typically sufficient, including your full address may expose …

Rethinking remote work: Why chasing fully remote jobs could cost you opportunities

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The quest for the perfect job has become a common refrain. Candidates are in the pursuit of well-paid fully remote jobs – which seem like unicorn-like opportunities. However, this lack of flexibility has shown some advantages. In this blog post, our founder, Marco Pincho, gives his perspective on today’s job market and how you could benefit from a change in perspective. The post-pandemic era As the post-pandemic area unfolds, the landscape has changed. The truth …

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Empowering Recruiters for Organizational Excellence

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Recruiters and HR professionals are the unsung heroes in the complex journey of a company’s growth. They are the gatekeepers who handpick the individuals that will contribute to the company’s success and shape its culture. However, their potential impact is frequently constrained by a barrage of administrative responsibilities, leaving little room for the transformative work they are capable of. Empowering recruiters means unleashing all their capabilities and potential. What are some ways to view them …