The journey of creating Sprint CV: a testimony from our founder

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Have you ever wondered how Sprint CV got started? Get to know the behind-the-scenes as our founder Marco Pincho takes us through the journey of what inspired him to create his own business and disrupt the way CVs are processed.





Marco Pincho, Founder of Sprint CV

Like many of us in the IT industry, I’ve received countless requests to fill out my CV in a specific branded CV template. Things got worse when I faced the reality of the European institutions’ applications. It took me around 4 hours to fill out my DESIS3 CV and 40 minutes to update it on every contract renewal. This experience rang a bell—there had to be a more efficient way to approach CV management.

Fueled by curiosity and a (big) zest for problem-solving, I started to investigate. After multiple conversations with industry insiders (companies, previous managers, peers and friends), I validated my suspicions: manual CV management was prevalent and time-consuming. Driven by stubbornness and the desire for change, I decided to develop a solution to streamline this process.

The birth of Sprint CV

In 2018, Sprint CV was born with the mission to revolutionize CV management. Our initial MVP was ambitious, aiming to build the most versatile CV generator in the market. Although the initial feedback was positive, something was still missing. In the following two years, we introduced new features and showcased them to potential clients, but sales were far from great. I started to feel the challenges of being a founder. It’s a demanding and lonely journey. Maintaining focus isn’t easy especially when met with less-than-ideal outcomes. By the end of 2019, cash flow was in the red. Building software isn’t cheap. After countless Sprint CV demos, companies were lamenting budget constraints or that “the product was not there yet”. However, they often asked, “Do you know any Java developers?”

Rejection is redirection

It was amidst this challenge that a pivotal idea emerged – leveraging job referrals to increase Sprint CV’s growth. We used job descriptions to drive traffic to Sprint CV and, at the same time, we helped companies and candidates. This proved to be a win-win-win concept, giving us time to improve our software.

Today, 99% of our development is focused on corporate/enterprise solutions. We stand as a testament to resilience and innovation, with one of the best CV parsers on the market and AI-driven review capabilities. Our software generates a CV in any template, enabling companies to convert CVs in just one click.

Proudly, we can say that we’ve found our market fit. Currently, we have more than 50 customers across Europe, Canada, and South Africa.

We are also expanding our business to other countries, with notable clients including Fujitsu, Almaviva, Sword-Group, Expleo-Group, Kwan, Boost-IT, and many others.

We managed to be selected Enterprise CV management solution for big groups with more than 10.000 employees and a worldwide operation.

Sprint CV also has become the go-to Enterprise CV management software for the European Institutions IT market.

Sprint CV was invited for the Web Summit 2019 is this is their experience.

Empowering tech consultants

Though we are mostly focused on enterprise solutions, we continue to grow and invest in our IT professionals community.

Sprint CV is free to everyone who wants to privately manage their CV.

Explore here why Sprint CV is the CV manager every tech professional needs.

Try Sprint CV’s Free demo and a free 30-day trial for companies

We are offering a free demo and a 30-day free trial in the Enterprise CV management plan.

If you would like to refer Sprint CV to your management, our referral program provides incentives for those who help us expand our network of clients.

Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of possibility and shape the future of CV management.

If you have a question or would like to book a meeting, also feel free to contact our founder Marco Pincho directly on LinkedIn.

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