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Let’s be honest: how many times have you interrupted a recruitment process or didn’t even apply because you were too lazy to update your CV? It’s a quite boring task and a loss of time, we know it. That’s why we firmly believe this process should be automated and that you should have a one-stop platform to guide you. Let us introduce you to the CV manager every tech professional needs (and it’s free, by the way!)

Meet all market requirements

Updating your CV means more than describing your professional experience. You need to take care of the layout, so it’s clean, professional, and attractive. And, let’s not forget, it has to have the right amount of pages which, nowadays, for many companies, should not be more than two or three. 

More than that, a CV template that is sexy today, will be outdated tomorrow. As the market evolves, skills and data are given different importance. Widely used templates like Europass (yes, it’s still a thing) also have continuous updates. But how can one be on top of all of this?

“Can you please fill out this CV template?”

Especially when you are part of (or being recruited to) an IT consultancy or outsourcing company, updating your CV to a specific template is recurring. This means you need to rebuild your CV around that template and spend hours on it. This process happens a lot when applying to public institutions – they normalize the recruitment process and have their own templates.

“Do you have a CV in this specific language?”

If you are in Belgium, there are two official languages plus the English language. In Portugal, documents in English are becoming more popular but it’s always useful to have in the native language too. So how can you keep up with this? If you manage this manually, you will end up with a folder full of CVs. More than that, they will be outdated super quickly. And we know how many hours it takes to update them all!

The proper way of managing your CV

Nowadays, everything is automated. So, why not automatically manage your CVs too? What would you say to a platform that…

  • Suggests the best format and up-to-date layouts, allowing you to generate a new CV with no effort and in seconds;
  • Supports specific companies and public institutions’ CV templates. And takes no more than 30 seconds to generate them (instead of hours!);
  • Allows you to manage multi-profiles in different languages;
  • Respects the privacy of your data and don’t share it with anyone; You’re the owner of your data, it’s your kingdom!
  • Allows you to have an online version of your profile, where you choose which data is publicly available. You can also share it with recruiters that ask for your CV, sometimes just to enrich their database. This way, it’s always updated;

Sprint CV – the CV Manager that you need and that is totally free

Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT IndustryIn 2018, we launched Sprint CV to ensure CVs are efficiently managed. As an IT consultant, our founder Marco Pincho was fed-up with manually managing his CV! He used to spend hours updating his European Commission (DIGIT-TM) CV template. So, we have decided to create a CV manager for the entire IT Community. Now, you can enjoy these services as a consultant – for free 🙂

Thanks to the amazing feedback of our community, our team has grown into 6 people, which allows us to keep adding CV templates and new features every 3 months!

Besides, we also want to be on your side when you decide to go all-in for a new challenge. We are also here to provide you with free guidance on the next steps of your career such as:

Feel free to reach out to our founder on Linkedin or via Email.

By the way, can you recommend us to your company?

Many companies are still managing their consultants and candidates’ CVs manually. This, of course, is a big pain in the neck and a big loss of efficiency. With Sprint CV, companies can easily boost their performance and invest their time in valuable activities, like understanding the candidate’s motivation and issues. 

So if you think that Sprint CV could boost your employers’ operations and make both lives easier, share this article with them. We would really appreciate it!

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