Europass CV for IT is not dead. Level up your game!

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Generic. Incomplete. Plain. These are common things we hear about Europass CV templates. Specifically, in the IT industry, it normally doesn’t give enough information or benefits the candidate. So, keep reading and learn how to turn the Europass CV into one of your best friends.

And, if you are anything like us, spending time building a creative CV will get into your nerves.

Europass CV is by far the most used CV template in Europe, especially in civil service jobs and consulting companies. So, when a company asks for your CV, Europass is never wrong and is well accepted. The trigger here is to let the recruiter know who you are and why you are the right person for the job.

Details are what makes a story your story

Nowadays, companies receive a lot of CVs per month and the selection process takes only a few seconds. You don’t want to be overpassed because your expertise wasn’t expressed in a thorough way.

When you describe your professional experience, ignore what is proposed by the original Europass CV template and create your own structure that is constant on every project. Here are our top 5 recommendations:

  1. Achievements – Start with a short description of how you were a great and distinctive addition in a project;
  2. Project – Describe the big picture of the project and company you worked for;
  3. Responsibilities – Share all your responsibilities within the project, from management to design or development of (help here);
  4. Roles – List all your roles besides your job title;
  5. Technologies – Account for the technologies and tools that you used.

Friendly reminder: Curriculum Vitae is not a resume, so it is supposed to be detailed and meet your needs.

Friendly reminder 2: Make it concise, 3 to 4 lines each section.

Sprint CV own Europass CV template for IT professionals, an improved version of the original Europass CV template

Sprint CV Europass CV template improvement by detailing your professional experience

Be clever – learn how to sum up

You should keep in mind that a great share of the job offers are from outsourcing companies and they typically adapt your CV into their own format to send to prospective clients. They look for accurate information to translate your professional experience into their own CV template without your interaction.

So, is there a better way to summarize your skills and competencies, give a clear view of all the technologies you master and your roles vs. the number of years? Check below and see how we do it at Sprint CV.

Sprint CV can help you in creating the perfect Europass CV template for IT

Download here the English Europass example tuned for the IT industry.


Go one step further

In today’s market, companies look for candidates that live not only for the job but also take time to invest in themselves and keep growing.

Make sure you include your training and certifications or any pro bono and side-projects you have worked in – these are the kind of details that make you stand out and be the right person for the role!

Europass CV example automatically generated by Sprint CV

Europass CV example automatically generated by Sprint CV

Why not getting a hand and easily automate your Europass CV template?

Sprint CV the online CV generator tool that automates the CV generation in the IT IndustryHere at Sprint CV, we want to make sure that building and updating your CV is neither complex nor time-consuming. To help you on this, we have built a super user-friendly wizard that will guide you and summarize your IT skills in a totally automated way. By joining Sprint CV, you will get free CV updates forever and the freedom to transform your professional experience into any CV template, from Europass CV, DIGIT-TM, used by the European Commission, or one of the many amazing CV templates we have built for you. It also allows you to share your data with companies of your trust – they can export it to their CV template without any effort from your side!

Ready? Aim and fire!

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