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The growth of Outsourcing in IT

A cv generator tool specifically built for the IT industry - Sprint CV

In the last decades, big clients (such as banks and telecom operators) started to outsource and/or externalize many parts of their business in order reduce their fixed costs and show better results to their shareholders. The outsourced areas of their companies included their IT departments.

Due to the externalization of IT in big clients, the IT sector saw massive growth. IT companies that provided consulting, staffing, outsourcing, nearshoring, and recruiting flourished and today they represent around 80% of the job offers in the sector.


The CV problem

It consultants and it recruiters save time by using an it cv generator tool

An unprecedented growth in the IT sector brought on an increase in competition. In order to differentiate themselves from competitors, many companies adopted new CV templates. As such, each company now uses their own CV template with their branding, structure, layout, fonts, etc..

Every time that a bank or telecom operator asks, for example a Java architect, there are multiple companies submitting candidates. There were even instances when a company received the same candidate’s CV, but in different templates that corresponded to different companies. This shows how competitive the market is nowadays.

As a reaction to this problem, big clients started to standardize the selection of the candidates, by imposing their own CV template or Europass template.

All this proliferation of CV templates created a huge workload for the IT professionals, that in one way or another, are forced to manually adapt their CV to the desired CV template.

Some examples of inefficiency in this matter are:

First example: A consultant needs on average 3 hours to fill in, for the first time, a European Commission CV template, like DIGIT-TM. Furthermore, with every contract renewal, they will need at least 30-60 minutes to update their CV.

Second example: A consultant applies for a job and sends their Europass CV in PDF. A recruiter decides to send the consultant’s CV to their client, but before that can be done, they need to apply the recruiting company’s branding. This implies that they must work on the following steps:

  1. Converts the PDF in an editable format;
  2. Apply the branding of the company to CV;
  3. Corrects all the conversation formatting related errors.

This process can take up to one hour per consultant.


Sprint CV is a free online CV generator for the IT industry.

Solution: CV Generator

In order to automate the CV making process, many recruiting companies have developed their own CV generator. The consultant has the responsibility to insert all their data into the system, but sooner or later the data will become outdated.

The solution of a private CV generator is good for the companies, but bad for the consultant. This is because every time the consultant changes company they need to re-encode all the data again in their proprietary system.

Sprint CV offers a solution. We propose a central system, where the consultant easily inserts and manages their professional experience data. From there, they can easily transform their professional experience into any CV, effortlessly, by making use of a true CV generator tool.

A solution that attends to the needs of consultants and recruiters. Take a look at the following benefits:

  • The consultant owns their data;
  • The consultant updates their profile through an interactive wizard;
  • The consultant can easily share the data with the recruiter.
  • The consultant generates and downloads their CV in any template in less than 30 seconds;
  • The consultant can allow the recruiter to generate and download their CV;
  • The CV is generated in Microsoft Word format (docx);
  • The CV can be richer and include automated reports;
  • Different CV templates of companies and clients are embraced and easily included;
  • The Recruiter can manage, from a single point, all of their consultants’ CVs;
  • Data privacy is above everything.


Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT IndustryWe invite all IT professionals and IT recruiters to try Registration is free! If you would like to check a Europass CV template generated by Sprint CV, just follow this link and the download will start automatically.


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