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Let’s be honest: how many times have you interrupted a recruitment process or didn’t even apply because you were too lazy to update your CV? It’s a quite boring task and a loss of time, we know it. That’s why we firmly believe this process should be automated and that you should have a one-stop platform to guide you. Let us introduce you to the CV manager every tech professional needs (and it’s free, by …

Why you shouldn't include references in your CV - Sprint CV

5 reasons NOT to include references on your CV

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References are a common part of the recruitment process. It’s essential that your referees are people who know you and your work well and can vouch for you. But should you include their data on your CV right away? Here’s why you should not: Respect your referees – Just because someone accepted to be your referee, it doesn’t entitle you to share their contacts with everyone you send your CV to; You don’t know with …