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Protect your Data: 7 Good Principles to Apply to your CV

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Nowadays, it is more important than ever to protect your personal information while maintain a professional online presence. Your CV, often your first point of contact with potential employers, is no exception. At Sprint CV, we recognize both of those necessities. Here are seven essential tips to ensure your CV doesn’t inadvertently reveal sensitive data.

Be Mindful of Your Address

While providing your city and country is typically sufficient, including your full address may expose unnecessary details. Remember, recruiters don’t need your street address to evaluate your qualifications, but knowing in which country you reside is an important piece of information.

Protect your Birth date

When it comes to your birth date, less is more. Instead of listing the full date, consider including only the year. This provides recruiters with the necessary information while minimizing the risk of identity theft or discrimination based on age.

Keep Family Matters Private

Your CV is not the place to discuss your marital status or family situation. In many regions, such inquiries are considered inappropriate or even illegal. Focus on showcasing your professional skills and accomplishments instead. Save family matters to your private social media.

Protect your Confidential Information

Certain affiliations or memberships may be best kept private. Avoid including details about involvement in organizations or groups that could be deemed sensitive or controversial.

Safeguard Your IDs

Treat your CV like you would any other sensitive document. Refrain from sharing personal identification numbers, such as fiscal, ID, or passport numbers, which could be exploited by identity thieves. Only disclose this information to recruiters in the later stages of the recruitment process, and only if specifically requested.

Double-Check Your Contact Information and Protect it

Ensure that your email address and phone number are accurate and up to date. These details serve as your primary means of communication with potential employers, so it’s essential to make a positive first impression. Having a professional phone number and email address not only safeguards you, but can be advantageous for your career.

Prioritize Data Security

As you finalize your CV, take a moment to consider the potential implications of the information you’re sharing. By prioritizing data security and limiting the disclosure of sensitive details, you can minimize the risk of identity theft and protect your privacy.

Protecting your privacy on your CV is crucial in today’s digital age. By following these seven tips, you can confidently share your qualifications with potential employers while safeguarding your personal information. At Sprint CV, we recognize the importance of maintaining a public presence while also protecting your data. That’s why we’ve developed a customizable public profile feature, enabling you to selectively share information with recruiters based on your preferences.

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