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Sprint CV Interviews: EpicData

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At Sprint CV, we focus on revolutionizing the way companies manage CVs and streamline their recruitment processes. We have been empowering thriving companies to save time, enhance productivity, and establish consistent and efficient processes. In this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with the team from EpicData. This is their experience embracing Sprint CV’s CV management software to tackle these challenges head-on.

EpicData is a data consulting company, founded in 2021, based in Kontich, and part of the Cronos group. Their mission is to help companies and their employees unlock the full potential of their data. With a team of over 60 experienced consultants dedicated to helping clients create cutting-edge data platforms, their commitment to excellence in both client and employee satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner in the data consulting industry.

The Sprint CV experience

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: Before implementing Sprint CV, how did you manage your consultants’ CVs, considering the variety of languages involved?

EpicData: Before implementing Sprint CV, managing the CVs of our 60 consultants was quite a challenge. We relied on a SharePoint library, which stored edited CVs for each consultant. However, with different versions for various roles and languages, it turned into an unstructured maze, making it difficult to locate the right CV. Additionally, the manual intervention required for each CV submission (several per day), along with the need for manual intervention to apply specific formatting/templates requested by clients, made the process extremely time-consuming. We knew we needed to find a solution.

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: It took about six months for Epic Data to decide to try Sprint CV. What were the factors that led you to choose Sprint CV as your enterprise CV manager?

EpicData: Several factors influenced our decision to adopt Sprint CV as our CV manager. Firstly, the combination of quality and price was unbeatable. Additionally, Sprint CV provides very good assistance for specific needs, feature requests, and bug reports, which are a significant plus for us.

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: As we celebrate our 6-month anniversary of collaborating, could you please share the evolution or changes in internal processes at Epic Data for managing CVs?

EpicData: Over the past six months of using Sprint CV, we’ve witnessed significant improvements in our internal processes for CV management. Sprint CV has seamlessly integrated into our standardized workflow, becoming an indispensable tool for our team. With Sprint CV, we save a considerable amount of time, allowing us to allocate our resources more efficiently. We hope Sprint CV continues to innovate and introduce new features, such as the most recent ChaptGPT inclusion.

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: During our initial demo/free trial, the entire company joined the call to experience Sprint CV firsthand. What were the impressions and feedback at that time? How satisfied are both management and consultants with using Sprint CV?

EpicData: The initial transition to Sprint CV was met with some resistance, as is typical with any change in tools or processes. However, our team became accustomed to Sprint CV’s functionalities. We streamlined our processes and saved time, resulting in faster response times for our clients. Overall, we are satisfied with using Sprint CV, as it has contributed to a more efficient and productive workflow, ultimately leading to increased deal opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Epic Data collaborators in a team building activity.

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: Are you currently hiring? If yes, what kind of professionals are you looking for to join EpicData?

EpicData: Yes, we are rapidly expanding. We are looking for various tech professionals, such as Data-Minded Business Analysts, Power BI Dashboard Designer, and Data Engineers Microsoft Azure.  You can find our career openings here.

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: Awesome. 2024 is on track to be a great year! Thank you so much for your feedback and your time here.

To learn more about EpicData, you can visit their website and LinkedIn.

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