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Referral Program – Refer us a client

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At Sprint CV, we strongly believe in the power of community building. We have witnessed firsthand how our clients and partners have become our strongest advocates, helping us grow and succeed. In return, we assist them in achieving their goals with our CV Management Solution. As a result, and to express our gratitude for being a part of our community, we are thrilled to introduce the Sprint CV Referral Program!

Referral Program – Spread the Word

If you know of any companies that are still burdened with manual CV filling for their employees, consultants, or candidates, why not share the benefits of Sprint CV with them?

With this in mind, spread the word about Sprint CV’s capabilities to your management and team leaders. Show them how Sprint CV could revolutionize their workflow and enhance efficiency.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and your personal recommendation can create a significant impact. Don’t limit yourself to your current company; consider other companies you’ve interacted with before that might be facing the same challenges.

Referral Program in 3 Simple Steps

Our Referral Program operates on a straightforward structure, consisting of three easy steps:

1. Refer Us a New Client

If you know a company, manager, or team leader who could benefit from our Enterprise CV Manager services, simply inform them about how Sprint CV can help. We specialize in converting any CV and generating their branded CV template in just one click. If they express interest, then just send us an email with them in CC (email and/or book a meeting).

2. Sales Process

We handle the entire sales process while keeping you informed at every step:

  • Initial demo
  • Trial period
  • Contract agreement

As a result, when they become a paying customer, you will receive a referral reward.

3. Collect Your Reward

As a token of our appreciation, we offer a generous referral reward of 33% of the first year’s subscription invoice from your referred client, up to 1200€. For example, if you refer a client who selects the Venture subscription (300€/month), you will receive 100€/month for the first year, totaling 1200€.

In fact, we will pay out the referral program reward within 30 days of the referred client’s payment (we offer payment options in the form of vouchers or invoices).

Another key point is that you can even refer your own company. Many recruiters have successfully referred us to their own managers and received the referral fee.

In the event that the same company is referred by different persons, Sprint CV reserves the right to select who will receive the referral (person most relevant in the process).

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our founder on Linkedin or via email.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Sprint CV community. Together, let’s unlock a world of possibilities.


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