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Europass: Generating a CV in Seconds with Sprint CV

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Updating your Europass resume can often be a daunting task. The rigid format and disjointed layout of the Europass template make it challenging to effectively showcase your skills and experience, especially for professionals in the IT field. Many individuals find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed when attempting to navigate the complexities of this standardized format. Furthermore, the thought of formatting and reviewing information to create a Europass can be daunting. We’ve heard industry feedback and understand the frustrations that many consultants face in various facets of job searching, and we’ve come up with a solution to tackle them!

Sprint CV: your Ally in Tackling Europass CV’s

Enter Sprint CV – a revolutionary solution designed to simplify the process of CV creation and updates. With Sprint CV, users can say goodbye to the headaches and frustrations associated with the Europass template. Our platform automatically fits your normal resume into any template of your choosing, eliminating the need for manual formatting and tedious adjustments. No more fiddling with clumsy tables or deciphering cryptic codes – Sprint CV streamlines the entire process, allowing users to focus on showcasing their skills and experiences effectively.

The problems associated with Europass CVs, with all their nuances, align perfectly with our solution’s goals: to simplify and save you time by handling monotonous tasks, giving you the opportunity to generate a CV in a matter of seconds!

A step by step guide to Generate an Europass CV with Sprint CV

Compared to typing and formatting it all by yourself, creating a professional Europass CV with Sprint CV is very easy. Follow these simple steps to do it right away:

1 – Where it begins: Create an Account and Login

Begin by signing up for Sprint CV. Open our website, click on “Sign Up” in the top right corner, select the “Consultant” account type, enter your account information, and solve the reCAPTCHA to sign up. After that, open your email and click on the link we’ve sent you to verify your account. Your next step is to Login and gain full access to our platform.

Sprint CV Sign Up as a consultant window

2 – Your Profile a Few Clicks Away

Once logged in, it’s time to import your preexisting CV into Sprint CV’s platform. Whether it’s a Word document, PDF, or LinkedIn profile, Sprint CV’s advanced technology will parse the information and set it up to generate a CV in any available template, including Europass. After this step, you can start generating CVs, but, since you’re here, why not review your profile, confirming that everything is up to date, and improve your baseline CV by making full use of our AI capabilities?

The Import CV window that appears at the first time an user logs in into Sprint CV

3 – Shine Bright: Polish your Profile with our AI Assistant

Perhaps you’ve forgotten to update your LinkedIn profile with the new certification you’ve acquired? Or maybe the Word document you’ve uploaded doesn’t include some of your previous professional experiences? In that case, take a moment to review and update your information inside Sprint CV. Ensure accuracy by double-checking details such as your personal information, work experience, education, and skills. To do this, simply click on the pencil icons next to the different sections on your homepage. Even better, leverage our AI Assistant to generate full sections for you! Feeling like your job descriptions aren’t accurate enough and feeling too lazy or burdened to write? Simply click on our AI Assistant for assistance: it will write them for you!

Sprint CV's homepage, where an user can edit different sections of their CV, allowing them to generate a very precise Europass.

4 – Europass Express: a very quick ride!

With just a few clicks, generate your Europass CV within seconds. Begin by clicking on one of the “Generate CV” buttons on your homepage. Next, select the Europass template, scroll down, and click generate. As a result, Sprint CV will generate and download your Europass CV in a matter of seconds. Finally, you can then open it in your preferred software, review it, and send it straight to the recruiter’s mailbox!


Sprint CV's CV Generator with the Europass option enabled.


Isn’t this efficient? Don’t you find that you’d save valuable time formatting and generating your Europass with Sprint CV? With our platform capabilities and ease of use, you can bid farewell to the frustrations of manual formatting. All in all, by directly addressing the challenges of the Europass template, we empower our users to effectively showcase their skills and experiences in the competitive job market. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just beginning your career journey, Sprint CV simplifies the entire process, making CV creation simple and quick.

Sign up today to experience the difference for yourself and take the first step towards standing out in your job search with a polished Europass CV.


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