Find a leader that empowers you

5 reasons why you should find a leader that empowers you

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Marco Pincho | Founder of Sprint CV


Ever since I’ve started my career in tech, I’ve had the pleasure to work with incredible professionals, and some of them became my friends and mentors over the years. I’ve discovered, at an early stage, the importance of having great people working alongside me, especially when it comes to managers, to boost my career. So, this is one of my biggest career advice: find a leader that empowers you. Here are 5 reasons to do so:

1. You take more ownership over your work

When you work for someone that believes in your work and knows how to delegate, great things can happen. If you are an ownership-driven professional, this is the perfect scenario and that’s exactly when you feel free to fly and make magic.

2. Say goodbye to micro-management

Let’s be honest: some people really like to be micro-managed and that’s the only way they can get things done. But not me – and I guess you don’t either.

Having the leader that knows how to properly manage a team, giving the required support when needed, and let you focus on the work is amazing – and this happens when there is trust from both sides.

3. Your motivation increases and you are happier

A workplace where the energy is focused on moving forward and achieving results is usually a great place to work. Leaders that value a good environment, team spirit and cooperation, easily get their teams more motivated and efficient at work.

4. It’s the team that gets the credits

Working with a leader that acknowledges that it is not right to take credit for what the team produces is normally a good sign. It’s wonderful when they share the moments of glory with the team, this helps not only in motivation but also in increased credibility.

5. You get constructive feedback and grow from it

We’ve all had experiences with people that don’t know how to deal with feedback. And, from personal experience, it can be really harsh sometimes, but having your leader giving you constructive feedback is the best way to grow and progress in your career.


Bottom line, leadership isn’t about controlling people, it is about empowering them. We advise you to pay attention to any red flags that arise during interviews – ask as much as you need to make sure that it is the right place for you and look for potential ways of thinking that can get in the way of your growth.

If you are lucky like me to have found some great leaders over the years, make sure you keep those connections and let them know. On my side, I will continue to learn and make sure that I do my best job as a leader of this great team at Sprint CV! 💪 

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