How IT CVs evolve throughout an IT professional career

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In the IT world, a CV is a vital element that allows IT professionals to change companies and keep an open door to new career opportunities. As IT professionals’ careers progress, more experience and knowledge are acquired. Naturally, they evolve and their CV should reflect that. In this blog post, we analyze in detail the evolution of IT CVs and the different stages throughout a professional’s career. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in.

IT Cvs Stage #1 – The Academic CV / Junior CV

When an IT professional is fresh out of training – a junior – their resume is typically going to be focused on what they’ve been doing for the last few years – studying. So, it’s going to fit into the academic CV category. It will feature the university projects they’ve been involved with and include a detailed description of the course they’ve been taking.

It’s also interesting to show more about the person beyond the professional. This means including information about interests, hobbies, soft skills, and summer jobs, if applicable. This will show recruiters how the person navigates through and post-academic world.

IT Cvs Stage #2 – The Skill-Based CV

The next stage comes with the first work experience. This CV will show in detail the skills and experience acquired in their field of expertise or at least, a related one. 

It not only highlights the skills needed for the projects they’ve been working on, but also the transferable skills like organization, leadership, and communication. Basically, it illustrates they’re fully qualified, professional, and ready.

IT Cvs Stage #3 – The Senior CV 

Just like the academic CV and skill-based CV, this is exactly what it sounds like – a CV for senior professionals. Due to their level of expertise, professional experiences are listed in reverse chronological order. The most recent should show up on top.

Once an IT professional has several years of experience, there is no need to share everything, since it’s clear they have the basic skills that working in the sector requires. Instead, a senior CV focuses on highlighting the most relevant information about them.

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