Sprint CV Interviews: Vox Teneo – “Sprint CV is our tool for CV management and plays a key role in our commercial activities”

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Spending long hours adapting CVs to apply for a tender, asking consultants time and time again to update their information, wondering if you are using the last version of a CV – that’s something of the past. The feedback we have been receiving for the last (almost) four years truly proves that creating a CV management software was one of our best decisions. Hereby, we share the experience of Serge Duquoc, Business Development Director, and François Dupont, Managing Director at Vox Teneo, one of our clients, with Sprint CV.

Vox Teneo is a Belgian company that builds digital solutions and experiences that connect consumers with brands and citizens to institutions. Vox Teneo serves the IT needs of major clients  in Europe and Asia, with offices in Belgium, North Macedonia, and Indonesia.

The experience with Sprint CV

François Dupont, Vox Teneo

François Dupont, Vox Teneo

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: We have been working together for three years. How were you managing CVs before Sprint CV? And what were you looking for when you decided to find a solution?

Serge Duquoc, Vox Teneo: Well, I fear it’s not specific to Vox Teneo but CVs are always a pain point. People who are supposed to keep them updated have other major responsibilities and it’s not always easy for them to dedicate some time to do this. The problem has always been managing CVs directly in Microsoft Word – people don’t remember which was the last version, then the commercial department needs to tweak CVs to make them fit a specific request or tender and so you completely lose track of the effective CV. That’s the reason why applications such as Sprint CV are really useful. If you need some tweaking, like highlighting qualifications and skills according to a specific project, it’s very easy. Sprint CV keeps track of the initial CV and you can generate a new CV with the needed tweaks without affecting the original one. This is very important for us because Vox Teneo employs approximately 120 people – so you can understand the nightmare of asking everybody: can you please update your CV? Is this the last version? Etc.

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: Do employees update their CVs now?

Serge Duquoc, Vox Teneo: Right now people update them on a three-monthly basis. If they update their CV regularly, they don’t have to try to remember what they did six years ago. This is already filed and they just need to update what they did over the last three months – and that’s very, very interesting for us.

“I think this is a great tool and they prefer to use Sprint CV, rather than other tools”

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: What is the feedback from the consultants?

Serge Duquoc, Vox Teneo

Serge Duquoc, Vox Teneo

François Dupont, Vox Teneo: It’s always a challenge to introduce something new and it’s never a pleasure for them. I think this is a great tool and they prefer to use Sprint CV, rather than other tools, so the feedback is positive.

Serge Duquoc, Vox Teneo: It’s always something that is considered a pain by IT developers. It’s not their core business, it’s just filling a CV. But we are trying to make them understand the importance. They understand it because there are clever people that this tool is really the best solution. Also for HR people, it’s much easier. Sprint CV is a tool we need for commercial purposes and it’s of major importance for the company. So it’s easier to convince them to use it than to update a 3-year-old Microsoft Word CV – so it’s great.

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: Whenever there is the need to adapt the CV, who is responsible for it?

Serge Duquoc, Vox Teneo: These changes go through our HR Manager, who is in charge of doing the follow-up, ensuring that everything is done in time. Personally, I mainly use the outputs. When I need to search for a PHP developer with ten years of experience and so on.

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: I feel our collaboration is going well and the user adoption is quite good and people are happy regarding the future of Vox Teneo. I think new tenders are coming?

Serge Duquoc, Vox Teneo: Yes, new tenders are coming in every week. At Belgium and European level, for public institutions and for corporate. We are permanently answering tenders or submitting spontaneous proposals to existing clients we work with for years.

Open positions at Vox Teneo

Marco Pincho, Sprint CV: You currently have some open positions and I know you are also hiring in Southeast Asia, right?

Serge Duquoc, Vox Teneo: Yes, our headquarters are in Belgium but we also branches in Indonesia and North Macedonia. To join our team you can visit our Careers page where you can find the open job opportunities and apply directly there.

Marco: Awesome, it seems like you are doing well in terms of employees and clients. 2022 is on a good track to be a great year. Thank you so much for your feedback and your time here.

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