Blog post that explains how to get a job at European Commission as IT consultant

How to get a job at the European Commission as an IT consultant?

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Are you an IT consultant? Have you ever dreamed about working at the European Commission (EC)? EC is a highly regarded European Institution, whose vision is to create a better Europe for all European and world citizens. EC is also known for being a leader in implementing great IT projects to improve services across countries. If this got your eye, keep reading this article. We give you some tips on how to get a job at the EC as an IT professional.

A small disclaimer: this post advise you on how to become an IT consultant working for an IT company that will outsource your services for the EC. You won’t be a direct employee of the EC.

The true scale of the European Commission

So, let’s start with some (big) numbers:

  • EC 2019 budget is staggering: 165.8 billion Euro;
  • More than 2000 external IT consultants are needed every single day to maintain, support and develop all current and future IT systems at the EC;
  • More than 300 million Euro are spent every year on contracting all the external IT consultants needed. An average of 150.000€ per consultant. Do you think you could fit here?

European Commission is a very dynamic and multicultural environment. It’s often full of challenges with all kinds of technologies and all kinds of roles are needed. Here are some of the most common IT consultant roles at the EC: Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, DevOps Engineer, Business Intelligence Specialist, Database Developer, UX/UI Specialist, GIS Developer, Business Analyst, Manager, Scrum Master, Database Administrator, System Administrator, Application Architect, Enterprise Architect, IT Security Specialist, etc.

Before applying, here’s how your CV should look

A valuable advice: if you are planning on apply with a one-page CV or with a very eye-catching, full of images CV, don’t waste your time. EC recruiters and managers expect you to follow the rules and share a fully detailed CV, in a format that they are used to read. So, in our opinion, the Europass CV template is safe and the right choice.

We suggest you to organise your CV by project, describing your achievements, description, roles, responsibilities and the technologies used in each of them. Don’t be afraid of having a CV with 7-8 pages, but please don’t go beyond 10-15 pages 🙂

An Europass CV with projects well detailed enable an IT consultant to get a job at European Commission
Europass CV: An example of a project well detailed

Also, a summary of your technology skills would be a great addition. At Sprint CV you can also generate your Europass CV with this summary, as the example below.

An IT technologies summary example of an IT consultant CV
Europass CV: An example of IT technologies summary

You can download here an example of a detailed Europass CV.

Where should I apply to become an IT consultant at EC?

So, after you update and enrich your CV, we suggest you take the initiative and connect with recruiters and managers on LinkedIn. Look for professionals that work at companies that supply the EC, such as Almaviva, Cronos, Intrasoft, among others.

In order to make your life easier, here’s the list of the IT consulting companies that are in the EC suppliers shortlist. They are the ones who can offer you the best salaries.

At Sprint CV we have created a specific section of IT Jobs at the European Commission, where you can easily apply.

The most recent IT jobs at the European Commission Sprint CV
The most recent IT jobs at the European Commission listed on Sprint CV

If you want to know how the current biggest framework contract at the EC is operating – DIGIT-TM framework contract details.

Another option is to register at Sprint CV and connect with recruiters at the Network section. As a result, you will immediately be in their shortlist and they will have instant access to your professional skills and experience.

And then, what happens next?

After sharing your CV with a recruiter or manager, your skills and ambitions will be matched with an open opportunity and if there is a positive match you will be presented to the EC. EC imposes specific CV templates to their IT suppliers so, typically, recruiters need to adapt your CV.

One great new is that if you provide them with a detailed Europass CV, the recruiters will have all the information needed and they can complete the CV template imposed by EC by themselves, freeing you from the boring task of adapting your CV to a new template. Great, right?

DIGIT-TM CV template that a IT consultant needs to fill
DIGIT-TM CV template example

Just to let you know, with Sprint CV you can generate your CV in those specific CV templates just by pressing a button.

How long is the recruitment process?

It may sound crazy, but these processes are actually fast. EC has a huge need for new professionals and normally launches around 30 new requests per week (a new request = a new need for IT consultant). Typically, within one month it’s possible to start working for the EC. Here are the steps:

  1. EC shares the open job positions with their main IT suppliers;
  2. IT suppliers have two weeks to select candidates;
  3. EC interviews the proposed candidates (through skype call or in-person);
  4. EC makes the decision within one week and the selected candidate signs the contract with the IT supplier company;
  5. IT consultant starts working within 30 to 60 days upon their availability;

Salaries and expected daily rates

This is a very sensitive point and will depend a lot on your number years of experience, degree and job position. Typically as IT consultant, you can earn 200€ – 600€ a day if working as a freelancer. As a result, it’s an interesting market, where 70% of the IT consultants choose to be freelancers.

IT consulting companies tend to use a total transparency approach regarding salaries. Also, they share their selling price and their margins. Usually, companies have a margin of 15-20% for newcomers. If, for example, the selling price is 500€/day and the company applies a margin of 20%, the daily rate of the IT consultant will be 400€/day.

In order to give you a better idea of the daily rates you can aspire for, here’s two examples. Keep in mind that the monthly salary is the number of working days in a month multiplied by your daily rate (400€/day * 20 days = 8000€/month).

On the other hand, if you choose to be an employee, you also can expect a nice salary package, a car (usually BMW, Audi or Mercedes), insurance, among other benefits. More than that, if you are an Expat, don’t forget to ask for the Expat special advantages. For example, in Belgium, you can get a big reduction in your taxes if you come from abroad and it’s your first job in the country.

Sprint CV – More than a CV generator

At Sprint CV we do not only want to help automate your CV. We want to be part of the process to help you achieve your goals and have a successful career path. Our team has years of experience in the IT world and is always eager to help IT consultants with valuable advice on how to enter the European Institutions market. Feel free to contact us and we will make sure to connect you with the right people.

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