IT Job description: a wishlist, not a checklist

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Let’s not fool ourselves: job searching is a tiring process and can be frustrating when there are no answers from recruiters. More than that, it’s even more frustrating to look at the IT job description and to see they want a god-like professional – it seems that nothing fits you! So, are you the kind that quits when you don’t check all ticks in the box? We are here to remind you what IT job descriptions really are: a WISHlist.

Let’s start with the basics

When companies look for a candidate to fit a position, they look for the dream candidate. Imagine you are a recruiter: what qualifications would you like in a candidate and what does the company need from them? It’s easy to understand that what they write is what describes the perfect professional for that position. What they don’t tell you is that this list of skills also works as a “protection” for them, so they can refuse candidates they didn’t like.

Nevertheless, companies should be careful. Being so demanding can push away very good candidates during the recruitment process.

Why applying and going to interviews matter

The recruiter’s conception of the perfect candidate can change over time. The more candidates they meet, the more they realize that, maybe, someone that doesn’t have all those qualifications, can be exactly the right person for the job. You should remember that soft skills do the trick too and, sometimes, are as much as important. 

Among recruiters, there is a common saying: until we have the right candidate in front of us, we don’t know exactly who we want.

Here’s how you should do it

Taking into account what we mentioned before, our advice is DON’T QUIT! Of course, you have to be realistic and properly read the IT job description. Check if you could be a fit if the company’s mission makes sense for you and if you would be happy at that workplace.

You don’t fit 100%? Try 80%. Even if you have fewer years of experience, even if you don’t have all the skills.

In the scenery that you don’t hear back from recruiters after you applying, still don’t quit. Collaborate with them, make them notice you. Sometimes there are thousands of applicants and they just don’t respond to everyone.

Our advice – make the IT job description your own wishlist

First of all, you need to know what you are looking for. Depending on your personality, you need to understand why you want to find a new job and what would it take to make you happy.

Ask yourself some questions like: what kind of job would I like? Which roles? What kind of technologies would I like to work with? What kind of team would I like to have?

As a result, you will refine your search and quickly know if the IT job description matches your needs and skills. Check our previous article know more about the recommended steps on how to find your next IT job

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