Sprint CV Interviews Keypartner about being their new software for CV management.

Sprint CV Interviews: Key Partner – how Sprint CV improves processes to support growth

Sprint CV - CVs done right, right away! Sprint CV Interviews

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For the last three years, Sprint CV has been providing an efficient and effortless way for tech companies to manage, edit, create and generate their consultants’ CVs. With our software, a process that remains manual for most of the IT corporate world is now digitalized. We hereby share the experience of Andrea Gozzi, Operations Lead Manager at Key Partner, one of our clients.

Key Partner – Italian digital integrator

Marco (Sprint CV Founder): It has been a pleasant journey together – lots of cooperation, mutual understanding, and continuous improvement of Sprint CV to attend to Key Partner’s business needs. Andrea, can you please introduce us to Key Partner and your role in the company?

Andrea: Hi Marco! Thank you for your warm introduction!

Key Partner is a young Italian digital integrator (born in 2010) that has the purpose to create value to its customers offering highly skilled professional services, mainly in the following areas: Digital and Modern Applications, Data Analytics, Cloud and DevOps Services, System Integration, Hyperautomation, Application Maintenance Services. We have more than 180 employees and our offices are located in Rome, Milan, and Termoli. We work in several industries and markets, and we are in partnership with several software and cloud provider vendors, like TIBCO, Red Hat, Elastic, AWS, Talend, Appian, Suse, Datadog, Microfocus, Commvault, GitLab, PagerDuty.

As the Operations Lead, I’m accountable for the quality that Key Partner delivers to its clients, so I’m very focused on training, continuous improvement, platforms, quality of delivery, and so on. However, I really believe that to achieve better results people should work in a smooth ecosystem, with easy and clear processes that help reduce the overall unproductive time. So, I’m really focused also on our internal processes, trying to increase efficiency as much as possible.

The Sprint CV Experience

Marco: How did you find out about Sprint CV?

Andrea: It was a very hot morning of my last summer vacation…I was sunbathing on the beach when my CEO texted me reporting a new business opportunity for which he needed a couple of our employees’ CVs. Of course, I didn’t have my laptop with me so I tried to retrieve them through my smartphone accessing our old CVs management platform (that was a set of Google Sheets with some automation). After 30 minutes and a very bad experience, I forwarded him the CVs but, at the same time, I realized that we cannot go on with that platform. So, I started surfing the internet to find a platform made for it.

A good SEO implementation, together with a well-done website and a great explanation of the offering caught my attention, and…you already know the rest 😉

Sprint CV - the CV management software of Keypartner

Marco: At Sprint CV, we provide live demos in our first face-to-face meeting with a potential client, using their real CV template. Let me share that Key Partner’s CV was quite complex and I cannot imagine how much time it took your team to edit and format it manually. What did you think about our approach, bringing you a live demo that included multi-language CVs?

Andrea: I really appreciate your approach. You did not have any kind of hesitation in proposing a simplified version of our template (without any change of the layout) in your first face-to-face meeting with us. This is what I expect from a partner who has more knowledge of something than me: simplifying things in order to suggest the best way to achieve the same result. And you had the same approach every time I asked you for a change. Well done!

“While the number of employees increases, we must also improve our processes and platforms”

Marco: After our first meeting, the process went smooth and very fast. From price quotation to the agreement of new features and selecting Sprint CV as the CV management software, was about a week. We never saw a client deciding and adopting a new solution so fast. What is the secret to fast decision-making and the fast adoption of new processes?

Andrea: First, the need. We want to become a great company and not only a company with a lot of employees, so while the number of employees increases, we must also improve our processes and platforms.

Then, our organization. We have a flat organization in which everyone has well-defined responsibilities. In the SprintCV use case: I made the software selections together with our CTO, the CEO approved the budget, I led the adoption with the support of our BU Managers. Easy, isn’t it? 😉

Finally, our employees. They are the first who want to improve the company and their support is always essential to help us do it!

“(companies who are able to) adopt agile development (…) have an advantage”

Marco: We agreed on some features – such as Office 365 single sign-in and a JSON data import – that would allow you to import the existing databases effortlessly. The timelines were tight and, in one month, we added a lot of new features to the product. What was your impression of this agile development? Did the features release attended your expectations?

Andrea: I really appreciate agile development in general. But I also know that is not always easy to implement because clients often change their ideas…also during our collaboration, I made you different requests in a very disorganized way…

So, I think that who is able to adopt agile development but at the same time remains flexible and ready to incorporate small changes inside a sprint has an advantage. And you are that kind of company. Well done!

Sprint CV - an employee management solution for Keypartner

“(managers) are using the platform without asking for support, so it means that it is working fine”

Marco: We were very surprised by your adoption rate. In less than a week, you had more than 150 consultants onboarded in Sprint CV. What was the feedback from your management team and consultants?

Andrea: I strongly believe that this is one of the key success factors of the adoption process. We and our consultants thank you for the new JSON import feature that made it possible 😉

We already had our employee’s data in excel format so, thanks to our developers, we had easily translated them in JSON format and uploaded them on the platform. So, we only had to ask our consultants to check the quality of their data instead of reinserting them from scratch.

Regarding the feedback, we have not received any feedback from our managers yet, but this is great news! They are using the platform without asking for support, so it means that it is working fine 😉 From the consultants instead, we have received a lot of positive feedback, especially related to the User experience and to the ease of use.

“A product becomes better if those who use it actively collaborate to improve it”

Marco: We have received important feedback from you, especially new features that add great value to Sprint CV. We are strong believers that a product is never completed and that it’s an interactive and continuous process. What do you think about this process? And are there more features you would like to add?

Andrea: First of all, thank you again for your support and your availability to understand our needs.

Of course, I strongly agree with you. I strongly believe that a product can become better if those who use it actively collaborate to improve it. So, this explains why our collaboration was naturally effective 😉

Regarding the new features…if I were you, I would add features with the aim of evolving the product towards a single platform for the management of the consultant in the company. For example, I would introduce the possibility of assigning goals and evaluating performance, of keep track of assigned assets, uploading contractual documentation, and so on. In short, it would be great to have a complete consultant’s profile in one single platform like Sprint CV.

Open positions at Key Partner

Marco: Last but not least – are you currently hiring? What kind of IT professionals is Key Partner looking for and where should candidates apply?

Andrea: We are always hiring! As of today, we have 25 open positions. In short, we are looking for IT professionals of all levels of seniority to increase all our Technology Clusters. The most important thing is that who is going to apply shows their passion and their desire to get involved.

So, even if you are not an expert in something do not hesitate to send your CV to jobs@keypartner.com

Marco: Awesome, thank you so much for your feedback and your time here.

To know more about Key Partner, you can visit their website and social media channels:




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