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Anonymizing CVs – How to do it efficiently in the IT Industry

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Anonymize CV is a daily task for IT Staffing and IT Outsourcing companies. But, why do they anonymize their consultants and candidates’ CVs?

To protect the business

Contacts are valuable for every business and it’s not an exception for the IT industry. When you are proposing candidates profiles, it is essential that you guarantee they are hired through you. Sharing unnecessary information can be dangerous for your business and, at the end of the day, can make you lose deals.

This is why companies hide their candidates’ identities in the first stage of the recruitment process. Identity information is only revealed after a certain type of commitment from the client – generally, after they choose which candidates to interview. Then, an agreement is signed, the CV fully disclosed and the business is protected.

To protect the candidate‘s identity

There are also situations where candidates ask the recruitment company to do not reveal their identity. Generally, it happens when the candidates don’t want their current employer to know they are actively seeking a new job. In these cases, the recruitment companies respect and adapt the CV accordingly.

How to Anonymize CVs efficiently?

Preparing and anonymizing CVs remains a manual task that consumes a lot of precious time to recruiters. That’s why we created Sprint CV – the CV generator your company needs to automate all the CV related processes. Here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Centrally manage your consultants’ data in real time – in one single platform,  you have access to their complete and updated profiles. Choose which candidates you need for that specific job;
  2. Generate CVs in any available template – you can choose from templates built by our team or official templates from Europass, DIGIT-TM, STIS IV, among others from the European Commission;
  3. Generate CVs in your company’s template – goodbye to those hours adapting CV’s. We can include your template in the platform (it will be completely private for you);
  4. Anonymize CVs automatically – You can connect with a consultant, generate an anonymized version of the CV, and have it ready in 30 seconds. Choose whether you want to disclose information regarding your consultants name, photo and other demographic information;
  5. Real-time talent report – report of your full company talent ordered by technologies and roles with levels and years of experience;
Sprint CV enables to you manage and anonymize a CV in seconds
Sprint CV enables you to manage all your Consultants’ CV without any effort

Bonus tip: how to get your consultants called for interviews

It can be hard to highlight what is best about each one of your consultants. Our suggestion: add an IT skills summary. This will make it easier for clients to quickly get an overview of your consultants profile and call them for an interview!

When you anonymize a CV, you are selling your consultants’ experience and skills set. Your potential clients wants to know if the candidate has the skills they are looking for, or if they know the frameworks they use. Don’t make them search through the entire CV: provide them the information right away by highlighting the relevant information and make them think immediately “this person fits my requirements, let’s do an interview”?

This will make the process of decision easier and faster for everyone. Sprint CV’s real time engine calculates the time of experience per skill and allows you to generate a CV highlighting all those skills without any effort.

Now that CVs are done, are you ready to focus on what really matters in your work? 🙂

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