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“My project was canceled”, “my company is in layoff”, “I was forced to take holidays” – hearing this is becoming more and more common nowadays right? In times of crisis, it’s important that you expect the best, but are prepared for the worst scenario. It’s essential that you have your CV updated and ready to share in case you want to grab a better opportunity at any time if needed. This said, we have developed a free optimized Europass template for the IT industry, that can be yours in minutes.
Tihs Europass CV template was boosted with three sections which we consider determinant to catch the eyes of the IT recruiter:

1. A highlight of your technology experiences at the beginning 

In the IT industry, every recruitment process is around technologies and framework experience. Job descriptions include a list of technologies that companies are interested in so that’s exactly what you should highlight in your CV.

2. List of the stack of technologies in each of your professional experience

Listing all the technologies you have been working with can be a determinant factor to get a job and also reassures the recruiter of your skills. Sometimes, the use of a rare technology can get you an interview.

3. Auto-evaluation table of your skills

By doing this, you are making the recruiters’ life easier – and yours also, since your skillset will easily be identified. By describing the time of experience with each technology, hopefully, you will get their attention immediately. Although, we recommend this especially for senior IT professionals with wider experience.

Bonus tip: Add a Summary at the top of your CV to immediately catch the eyes of recruiters!

Soft-skills can play an important role in getting you an interview. Try to introduce yourself in a brief paragraph, giving your profile a personal touch and the change to engage more with the recruiter – this will definitely help them to identify you as a good match or not with the job description.

Time to generate your CV in less than 5 minutes

To have your own free optimized Europass CV, you just need to go, create your account from your LinkedIn profile and generate your CV in less than 5 minutes.
If you are still wondering if the Europass CV template is relevant for your career, we give you the reasons why it’s, by far, the most used CV template in Europe!

Sprint CV – Your ally to generate your CV in seconds

Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT Industry

Applying to a job opening is much more than “just” sending your CV. It’s sending it in the right template, suitable to the company, and sending the right messages, in a clear and professional way. The trick is to immediately show recruiters that you are the right person for the job.

We want to be on your side when you decide to go all-in for a new challenge. We are also here to provide you with free guidance on the next steps of your career such as:

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