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How to convert any CV into your branded template?

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CV management is a pain in the neck for most IT companies, especially the ones that outsource their consultants. Long hours to get CVs ready for clients, consuming time and energy from recruiters, business managers, and consultants – does this make any sense? What if we told you there is a way to automate this process and efficiently manage your consultants’ CVs? Check how to convert any CV into your branded CV template, in less than 43 seconds.

The pros and cons of branded CV templates

Many IT companies recognize the value of branded CV templates. Having your own branding and structure on a CV shows how professional, methodical and consistent your company is. It also shows that you have great talent working with you and both represent the same values. This, as you know, can be a turning point for getting your consultants called for interviews. 

On the other hand, branded CV templates – either from your company or the client’s – means adding a new layer of complexity to their hiring process. This process requests long hours from recruiters’ and consultants’ valuable time. This leads to delays in sending information to prospective clients and consultants quitting the whole process. 

The wonderful world of automatic CV parsing

After meeting with so many different companies in the market, we have identified that in order to be successful we had to build a super-advanced parser. It should be able to read any CV format (PDF, Word, Linkedin Profiles, etc) and parser every block of information to be saved in the location. We did our best and, honestly, we are quite happy with the results.

So, how do we convert your CV in any template in less than 43 seconds?

Sprint CV engine detects the language of the CV, but also the context of the information. Through artificial intelligence, information such as Education, Training, Certifications, Professional Experience, and others, are analyzed and parsed to be stored in the right fields. On each professional experience, we detect the stack used, industry, roles, etc. All the metadata will be, later on, enriched with real-time calculations of time of experiences (industry experience, roles, technologies, etc).

How can you apply parsed data to your CV template?

Well, all you have to do is choose the CV template. After transforming any CV in metadata, we parser the information and save it in the database. Then, it will automatically generate the CV in your company’s template. All the CVs generated are in Word format (docx), so you can edit them later on if needed.

Sprint CV allows any CV template to be added to the platform, just get in contact with us and we will do it for you, for free.

Why should you try Sprint CV?

Over the last three years, we have been helping the European Commission, European Parliament, Boost IT, Voxteneo, Almaviva, QCentris,, among other entities. Working closely with their teams allowed us to develop a system that meets their needs in terms of CV management.

Here is what we guarantee while working with us:

  • Your own branded CV template and the possibility to automatically applying it to every consultants’ CV. We pre parse all data and pre-fill the information in the right place, in seconds;
  • Real-time search of candidates with the skills you are looking for with several filters that simulate a job description;
  • Monitor all consultants’ data in real-time, with updated experience every month. You can see how many Java developers you have in your database, for example;
  • Collaborative interface to coach the consultants to improve their CV;
  • GDPR consent managementmake sure each profile is only stored and processed with the consent of the user;
  • Full view of your IT talent: manage your team of consultants’ in a single platform with automatically updated CVs;
  • Generate CVs in more than 8 different languages, such as English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Polish, etc.;

We have developed a more complete article on how Sprint CV is the CV management solution your company needs. You can check it if you would like more details on this.

Less burden equals more business - Sprint CV

Sprint CV: Schedule a demo and enjoy our 30-day free trial

Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT IndustrySpending less time managing CVs and more time growing your business is our wish for 2021. By having an efficient CV management solution, you will boost all your company operations.

If you are interested, schedule a demo of Sprint CV, we will add your branded CV template and we are offering a 30-day free trial of Sprint CV. We want your company to thrive, even more, having efficiency alongside them in all areas. Please reach out to our founder Marco Pincho on Linkedin or via e-mail.

By the way, can you recommend us to your company?

If you are a recruiter or consultant and feel Sprint CV could boost your company’s performance, our referral program will definitely interest you. If you recommend us to a company and we close the deal, the first four monthly subscriptions will be given to you as a bonus, which can be up to 1600€! (The price of four months of Enterprise subscription). Are you up for it?

See you soon!

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