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Java Developers: job opportunities up to 11.000€/month

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The pandemic was, by far, the biggest event of 2020 and is still having undeniable effects. It had, of course, a huge impact on all industries, including tech. As a result, many professionals are out in the market looking for a new opportunity. Luckily, some entities like the European Commission are still hiring and looking especially for Java Developers. Are you one of the lucky ones?

The European Commission – a solid workplace for IT professionals

Did you know that there are more than 2.000 IT consultants supporting, improving, and building the new IT systems that connect all the member states and aim to build a better Europe? And that the European Commission has elected Java, Spring, Angular as their main tools of development?

Therefore, there is a huge need for Java Backend Developer, Fullstack Developer, Java Architects, and others that could join the projects and be part of the local team development at the European Commission. With the new 2030 program starting now, there is a huge workload to build the new systems. For example, every week, there is a request for more than 20 java developers to join the projects.

Currently, due to Covid and till September 2021, all staff will be working 100% remotely. After, they should work in Brussels for at least one day per week if needed for meetings and team gatherings. See more on how the European Commission is reacted to the pandemic challenges.

European Commission is going full remote on 2022

The European Commission has set the goal to vacate half of its buildings by 2030, from 50 to 25. Why? Since that the pandemic proved that IT professionals can perform even better from home, and represent a much lower cost, the European Commission decided to take advantage and will give IT professionals working as external providers the opportunity to work remotely and come to the office only when needed. The new 2022 framework contract, which will replace the existing DIGIT-TM, will reflect the 100% remote work model for external providers.

Open (awesome) IT opportunities for Java Developers

If you have a master’s or bachelor’s in IT and more than 3 years of experience in IT, good experience in Java and Spring (Angular is an asset), and would like to work at the European Commission – then you should apply!

Some of the skills required:

  • Java 8+, Angular
  • SOAP and REST Services, architecture based on Micro-Services API
  • Databases: Oracle 11g, Postgres
  • Workflow tool: Camunda or similar
  • Development tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, SoapUI, Git, BitBucket, Confluence, Amazon AWS
  • Tracking tool: JIRA

European nationality is mandatory (as of now).

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of CI/CD and container technologies, Git, Jenkins, Dockers;
  • Experience in front-end technologies, like HTML5, JQuery, Angular;
  • Knowledge of JQuery library, CSS mechanism;
  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented Design, JavaScript programming language, Ajax, MVC pattern;
  • Knowledge of security concepts;
  • Knowledge of Oauth;

Take a look at these awesome rates

At the European Commission, salary is based on years of experience and type of degree. 

The is a maximum daily rate: Degree + 13 years of experience you should aim for a daily rate of 500-550€/day (10.000€ – 11.000€/month gross/before taxes).

And a minimum daily rate: Degree + 3 years of experience you should aim for a daily rate of 320-350€/day (6.400€ – 7.000€/month gross/before taxes).

IT Recruitment process – Apply now!

At Sprint CV, our mission is to help IT consultants to improve and automate their CVs. Our vision is to create an ecosystem between consultants, companies, and recruiters, where CVs are fully automated and applying for a job will be super fast.

We have also launched a free service where we help IT consultants to apply for open positions at the European Commission by helping them with the application and introducing them to hiring companies, direct providers of the European Commission.

By applying, we will review your CV/application, help you improve it, tell you how much you could get, identify the open positions that better fit you, and put in direct contact with the delivery managers of the hiring companies, direct providers of the European Commission. In one year of activity, we already helped more than 30 professionals to get a project at the European Commission.

You can apply directly to some open positions at or contact our founder Marco Pincho directly on LinkedIn.

See you soon? 🙂

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