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Launching a startup is never easy – and at Sprint CV we especially felt that pain selling software to the corporate world. But pain often comes with growth and valuable inputs to improve our business. Initially, we aimed only to automate CV processes, but now we upgraded our platform with a list of job offers. We started to connect tech consultants with the right projects, with a special focus at the European Commission. Let us tell you a little more about it.

At Sprint CV, we aim to help consultants and companies automating their CV processes. Simply put, we automate the process of updating consultants’ CVs in a specific template, such as DIGIT-TM and ITSS 17, used by the European Commission and the European Parliament, respectively. We also provide templates from other companies such as Almaviva, Agap2it, among others. Best of all: it’s completely free for consultants like you.

Why we do it

Often, during our meetings with companies, we noticed that they were looking for specific professionals, like Java developer to work at EC, a trustable Project Manager, etc. This made us wonder: “should we start filling the gap between companies and candidates?” And that’s where it started. These requests quickly got us building a plan on how to connect tech consultants with companies, helping with the CV preparation – a process usually complicated for consultants -, and introduce them to the companies.

Our founder, Marco Pincho, already has a lot of experience in the field. So, applying his know-how and the network was determinant to give the first baby steps at this new service. We now provide advice at the recruitment process, trying to get consultants’ the best project for them. That’s what makes us proud at the end of the day.

So, every time that we know someone interested in finding a new challenge that shares their CV with us, we take the following steps to  enhance the chances of a successful match:

1. Identify the type of consultant

First of all, we need to identify what type of professional you are: Java Developer, Tester, Project Manager, Business Intelligence Developer, Analyst, etc. At this phase we often look at the job titles and summary;

We also pay attention to the candidate’s nationality. We know for a fact that, as of now, it’s more difficult to have a visa sponsored, since the talents are more easily found in Europe than before.

2. Analyse the skills

This is one of our favourite parts since it’s like a treasure hunt. We check the skills and see where the person can fit in: development, testing, business intelligence, business development, etc.

One thing we know for sure: if the skills are angular, full-stack, java, we will almost surely find projects to connect tech consultants with, since it’s exactly what the European Commission is looking for.

This is an effective process that takes about two minutes and we can quickly see if the candidate is a good fit for the job positions out there.

3. Check and validate the salary range

We believe it’s super important for the consultants to know right away how much they can potentially earn. We check the salary table to understand the level they might be in, according to the European Commission’s criteria: degree and years of experience.

Then validate with the consultant, our goal is to help consultants earn as much as possible – this is our biggest motivation!

4. Prepare and adapt the CV to the right template

If the profile matches the offer and the consultant agrees with the salary range, we start coaching the consultant to get his CV perfect and in the right template.

We know the rules and give support to the consultants to describe their professional experience in a proper way. This is a huge advantage since, in general, consultants don’t pay much attention to their CVs. At Sprint CV, once you insert your data, you can automatically generate a different template any time, allowing you to apply to whatever job you want when you want to. 

5. Introduce Consultants to the Delivery Managers

It’s essential that CVs reach the right hands. We are lucky to have a great network that allows us to connect tech consultants with the Delivery Managers – the people that directly contact with the European Commission and negotiates with them. HR is another way, but the process can be a bit slower.

6. Identifying talent today for the opportunities of tomorrow

The European Commission has around 20 new job opportunities per week, so it is key to keep close contact with the consultants and share new opportunities with them.

Finding the perfect opportunity takes, on average, 1-2 months. Once, we had a process that took us 8 months. Rui is now working in Estonia at the EuLisa – European Parliament Security Agency. We believe that we must keep all the doors open and we will keep trying to propose the motivated candidates to the new openings.

We also believe the recruitment process should be as transparent as possible. And, when consultants open a door and show they are available for a new challenge, it is our pleasure to help them. In some cases, we have had candidates with such good skills that companies opened a position just for them. We even had cases where the person was interviewed and accepted by the European Commission in less than 48 hours since our first contact. 

Are you curious to apply? Do you have any doubts? Feel free to reach out to our founder on Linkedin or via Email.

Sprint CV – You ally to take your career to the next level

Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT IndustryAt Sprint CV, we help consultants automating their CV to make it easier to find the right job. When you create your profile on our platform, you can generate your CV in any available template in seconds. More than that, you can update it automatically along the time!

So, if you would like to get a job at the European Commission, give us a shout out! We will do our best to help you connect with companies hiring to work at the European Commission.

Note: All data inserted in Sprint CV, is private and is the property of the user. If the user decides to share their CV with us, then we can have access to it. We truly believe that GDPR is a great step towards privacy and respect for the user’s data. If you are not happy with Sprint CV, you are free to delete your account and all your data. You just need to push the button “delete account”.

Best of luck,

Sprint CV team

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