European Commission needs IT professionals like you

European Commission needs IT professionals like YOU!

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European Commission (EC) is one of the most prestigious institutions worldwide. Due to its dimension, there is a huge demand for IT professionals – about 20 new requests per week with daily rates up to 530€/day – which means 10.600€/month! Good enough to keep you reading? 🙂

How is the European Commission reacting to the pandemic challenges?

When we think about big institutions, we tend to think of a lack of dynamism and openness to change. But, knowing from the inside how the process worked, the European Commission adjusted surprisingly well to this new work-from-home reality.

Those that said remote work would never work for their business found out that, when forced, it does work. In a matter of days, employees (including the external ones) were working through the VPN, carried out their projects, and, thankfully, even got more productive! Consultants were given a huge responsibility and proved that they could deliver what they were supposed to. This is changing forever the way the European Commission sees remote work.

There is still considerable doubt on how it will work from now on. However, managers are confident that working from home also brings results and considering this option for the future.

What exactly the European Commission is looking for in IT Professionals

Did you know that more than 2000 IT consultants work at the EC? This happens because the European Commission need IT professionals to maintain, support, improve and develop their IT systems to run a better and more interconnected Europe.

These are SOME of the most common profiles that EC is looking for:

  • Java Application Developer
  • Java Application Architect
  • Front-end Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Testers

Java was recently elected the technology to develop all future systems and the existing ones will also migrate to Java. So, it makes it obvious that more than 50-70% of the job positions available are for Java professionals. This said, congratulations if this is your speciality!

At Sprint CV we have created a special category where we list many of the IT Jobs available at the European Commission. Where you can easily apply.

The most recent IT jobs at the European Commission listed on Sprint CV
The most recent IT jobs at the European Commission listed on Sprint CV

Do you got the skills needed?

There are some very “basic” skills that all candidates should have in order to succeed in a recruitment process at the EC:

  • Good working-knowledge of English
  • Capability of integration in an international and multi-cultural environment
  • Rapid self-starting capability
  • Experience working in a team
  • Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings and have good communication skills

Besides, these are specific skills of each IT profile:

Java Application Developer at the European Commission

  • Excellent knowledge of Java and web-related technologies (J2EE, EJB, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSL, SOAP, REST, WebLogic/Tomcat, Eclipse/IntelliJ, Spring/Hibernate/Vaadin/Wicket, Maven/Bamboo etc.)
  • Knowledge of relational database systems (Oracle RDBMS, SQL, PL/SQL)
  • Good knowledge of the design and development of web and multi-tier applications
  • Experience with enterprise applications architectures (e.g. SOA, Cloud)
  • Knowledge of software development methodologies ( e.g. RUP, Agile Scrum)

Java Application Architect at the European Commission

  • In-depth knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • In-depth knowledge of applications design
  • In-depth knowledge of modelling tools
  • Good knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming languages (Java EE)
  • Good knowledge of Frameworks (Spring/Hibernate or Swing)
  • Good knowledge of Relational DBMS (RDBMS) / Oracle
  • Good knowledge of business process analysis & methodologies
  • Knowledge of interoperability technology (e.g. web services, message-oriented middleware, service-oriented bus)
  • Ability to give technical presentations
  • Ability to apply high-quality standards

Front-end Developer at the European Commission

  • Good knowledge of the design and development of web applications
  • Good knowledge of web application development frameworks
  • Good knowledge of scripting languages
  • Knowledge of Rich Internet Application technologies
  • Knowledge of web technologies and standards (e.g. HTML5, XML, JSON, JQuery, AngularJS, ColdFusion)
  • Very good knowledge of JQuery library, CSS mechanism
  • Good knowledge of Object-Oriented Design, JavaScript programming language, Ajax, MVC pattern
  • Basic knowledge of PHP programming language
  • Knowledge of WordPress, Drupal
  • Knowledge of relational databases
  • Knowledge of tablet and smartphone applications programming
  • Capability to develop client-side JavaScript modules, design and implement CSS

Project Manager at the European Commission

  • Good knowledge of project management standards and methodologies (RUP, Prince2, Agile, PM2 (PM Square) or BPM@EC.).
  • Usage of project management tools (MS-Project, etc.)
  • Good technical knowledge on the aspects of the project.
  • Good reporting methods.
  • Knowledge of PM2 EC project management methodology is an asset.
  • Experience in the HR domain is an advantage.
  • Ability to communicate with the business client in non-technical terms
  • Ability to give presentations.
  • Ability to apply high-quality standards to all tasks.
  • Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings, good communication skills.
  • The capability of working in an international/multi-cultural environment, rapid self-starting capability and experience in working in a team, understanding the needs, objectives and constraints of those in other disciplines and functions.
  • Leadership capability.
  • Ability to understand, speak and write French and English

IT Tester at the European Commission

  • Experience in Java/JEE environment, Eclipse, SOAP, REST, JSON and XML standards
  • Architecture and design of information systems including web
  • Review of the architecture of existing systems
  • Analysis of the integration of different information systems
    Data analysis and data modelling (SQL)
  • Coordination of the implementation of the technical architecture
  • Production of Software architecture documents
  • Performance tuning
  • Test automation and continuous integration (TestNG, Maven, Selenium, Jira, Confluence)

Disclaimer: these are just some of the IT profiles the EC looks for.

What would be the salary and working conditions for IT professionals?

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Client: European Commission

Monthly Salary: up to 10.600€ before taxes (up to 530€/day).

Type of contract: Freelancer or permanent employee are both available

The job will be performed within the premises of the European Commission in Brussels (Belgium), but currently, due to COVID-19, all staff is on full-remote since March 2020 till the end of the outbreak.

Your salary will, of course, depend on the level of your studies, plus your years of professional experience.

The daily rates at the EC start at 210€/day (4.200€/month), for junior profiles with a bachelor degree (3 academic years). Daily rates reach a maximum of 530€/day (10.600€/month), for professionals with a master degree (5 years or equivalent), plus a minimum of 13 years of professional experience.

Disclaimer: You won’t be a direct employee of the EC. You will be hired by an external IT company – an official outsourcing supplier for the European Commission.

Note: Companies will sponsor your VISA to work in Belgium if needed.

How to apply for the European Commission?

The process is easy and fast: you will only need your CV updated and be willing to move to Brussels. A good CV in the right template is 70% of the recruitment process. But no worries, we will be here to help to prepare your CV.

Worried about how to have the right template? Don’t, we are here to help!

Our founder, Marco Pincho (feel free to add him on LinkedIn) will help you prepare your CV and put you in contact with the EC official IT suppliers – yes, for free! To start, we recommend you to create an IT Consultant account on Sprint CV and generate your CV in the DIGIT-TM template (official CV template imposed by the EC).

After you apply, we will review your CV and give you some tips and recommendations if needed. Then, we will put you in direct contact with the IT companies that are official IT suppliers of the European Commission. After our introduction, you will manage directly all the recruitment process with them.


Click here to know more about the IT recruitment process at the European Commission.


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