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European Commission is looking for Java Developers!

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Coronavirus has changed the job market around the world. With most businesses forced into work-from-home environments, and, unfortunately, downsizing or shutting down their operations was inevitable for many. In the tech industry, a considerable amount of professionals were unexpectedly affected by the pandemic, throwing fantastic talent to the market. Nevertheless, some entities like the European Commission are still hiring and looking especially for Java developers. Are we getting your interest?

Pandemic – the turning point for consultants

Until some months ago, tech consultants were considered “untouchable” in the industry and one of the most promising jobs, due to the massive demand of these professionals worldwide.

However, since the start of the pandemic, big industries such as hospitality, aviation, and haulage dismissed many employees, including IT consultants. As a result, many talented professionals are out there looking for new projects to join.

There is always hope!

Hopefully, there are still great opportunities out there, such as in the European Commission and specifically for Java Developers. Compared to the private sector, the European Commission has a different cycle of operations. With an approved budget until 2030, the teams need to implement several IT projects to improve services across countries, acting like a hub that connects the different Member States.

Nowadays, the European Commission employs more than 2000 IT consultants, where a significant part is Java developers, split by Full Stack, Front-end, Back-end, Architects, Tester, etc. Several projects start every week, which means they are continually looking for tech professionals to join their teams.

An excellent opportunity for Java Developers

If you are a Java developer, it seems like 2020 is indeed a lucky year for you. The European Commission is migrating many legacies and old applications (many done in .NET) to applications using a stack like Java 8, Angular, Spring, ElasticSearch. This means that talented professionals with Java skills can quickly get their foot inside.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who are looking for a new challenging project at a European scale, with attractive salaries, recognition, quality of living, and great work-life balance. So if you are a Java Developer and ever dreamed about working for this highly regarded institution, you might want to explore how to get a job there as an IT consultant, how your CV should look like, and how the recruitment process is.

If you are ready to dive into the job openings, you can check them here.

And how is the European Commission reacting to the pandemic challenges?

When we think about big institutions, we tend to think of a lack of dynamism and openness to change. But, knowing from the inside how the process worked, the European Commission adjusted surprisingly well to this new work-from-home reality.

Those that said remote work would never work for their business found out that, when forced, it does work. In a matter of days, employees (including the external ones) were working through the VPN, carried out their projects, and, thankfully, even got more productive! Consultants were given a huge responsibility and proved that they could deliver what they were supposed to. This is changing forever the way the European Commission sees remote work.

There is still a considerable doubt on how it will work from now on. However, managers are confident that working from home also brings results and considering this option for the future.

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