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The importance of the right CV template when applying for a job in IT

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In the IT industry, it’s common for companies to ask for your updated CV. But the question is: will all templates score the same points on the recruitment process? Keep reading to find out the right CV template for you.

Isn’t a CV just a CV? Why so many templates?

Each recruiter and company have their own preferences. Therefore, whether is to meet clients’ needs or to standardise their processes, if you want to get an interview, you should know what they’re looking for.

For example, for some recruiters, a one-page CV is a lack of respect towards the company. Others prefer the Europass template, while others hate it. Some companies, even have their own CV template. As a result, you end up with questions like which CV template should I use? Isn’t Europass CV template outdated? Bottom line, not knowing the preferred template can work against you, even if it is the same the information displayed.

Food for thought: people tend to appreciate more what they’re used to, which directly applies when reading your CV.

Don’t underestimate the power of your CV

Your CV has a clear mission: to move you forward in the recruitment process and get you selected for an interview. And, in many IT recruitment processes, a good CV can account up to 70% of the process. So, it probably means you shouldn’t underestimate it, right?

It’ very important that your CV tells your story and shows that you made some effort doing it. Above all, always read your CV twice or more, and give it to someone to proofread it. Be self-critic and ask yourself: would I call this person for an interview based on this CV?

This means that your CV will not get you a job, but it can certainly exclude you from the recruitment process.

Let’s not forget, the content of your CV is king!

Templates are super important but, more than that, you should guarantee that the content is seamless. This is what you should consider:

  • Create a summary of your professional experience
  • Describe the list technologies used and roles on each experience
  • Describe your language skills, training and education
  • Read all our recommendations on our blog post How to structure a good IT CV?

Be proactive and engage with the recruiter

When you see a job opening, connecting directly with the recruiter can be a great way to make yourself stand out. The idea is to show that YOU made that extra mile to be considered among other candidates.

More than that, we recommend you to engage with them! Show your soft skills – which is something hard to show on a CV. One very appropriate approach is to ask the recruiter what kind of CV template they prefer. Above all, remember that they know exactly what kind of information the company needs so, instead of guessing, just ask. This will ensure that they can see your potential in an easy and convenient way for them.

Sprint CV – Your ally on CV automation

Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT Industry

Spending time adapting your CV to different templates is boring and a waste of time. We created Sprint CV to help IT professionals automate that process and give you time to focus on your career.

At Sprint CV you can centrally manage your professional information and export it to any template available. From an IT Resume to a Developer CV or Europass optimised for the IT industry you also can find many CV templates of specific companies.

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