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What if we tell you that is now possible to synchronise your CV with an online version? And that it can be automatically generated? That’s right, we’ve just launched this new feature that will take your job search to the next level of efficacy.

Last year, we launched Sprint CV with a clear mission: to enable IT professionals to generate high quality CVs automatically. We believe that CVs cannot be a burden and IT professionals should be able to centrally manage their professional data in one single platform. More than that, they should be able to generate their CV in any template in seconds.

As a result, we created Sprint CV to provide a solution for this issue in the IT recruitment and currently support Europass, templates imposed by European Institutions (DIGIT-TM, SITCO, ITS14, etc.), by private companies and also suggested by our community.

But…we felt like something was missing!

Online CV – Your professional profile ready to be shared

We gathered all our users’ feedback and analysed recruitment trends to launch our brand new feature – the online CV.

This new way of showing professional experience allows you to have your professional data publicly available, ready to be shared and always updated. Above all, our intention is to give a new life to professional data, make it interactive, richly displayed, with real-time reports of your skills. Click here to see an example.

The online professional profile generated by Sprint CV
The online professional profile generated by Sprint CV

How can you get yours?

First: Create an account

First of all, create your profile and fill it with your data. You can sign up for free here.

Second: Select what you want to display

In your account home page, you have the option to activate your public profile. You can check here our demo profile to see what it will look like.

We believe that you must be the owner of your data and the person who decides what information is disclosed, so this is totally controlled by you.

To do so, you can organise the following blocks in the most convenient and pleasant way for you:

  • Summary of professional experience – a list of indicators calculated on real-time that show your professional experience in numbers;
  • Education;
  • Languages;
  • Training and certifications;
  • Professional experience;
  • Academic and personal projects;
Public profile Settings – Consultant has the full control

Third: Share it with the world

After you have customised your Online CV and chosen a personal URL, you are ready to share it with your network.

We thought about every detail to optimise your online CV SEO so that recruiters can easily find you. Also, when you share it on LinkedIn, your name and picture will be nicely displayed.

Sprint CV – Your CV partner

Sprint CV the CV generator that automates the CV generation in the IT Industry

We value what you think so we invite you to join Sprint CV, create your online CV and have fun sharing it on your social networks! Let us know your feedback and let the great opportunities come!

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