The day CVs stop being a burden for an IT recruiter


Life of an IT recruiter isn’t easy and everybody knows it. CV management is not easy and an IT recruiter must deal with so many tasks on his daily routine such as: Look for new consultants to join the team; Convince consultants that a certain job will be great for them; Take care of contract related paperwork; Listen to consultant’ complaints and requests; Among others; To sum to all the previous tasks, there is something …

IT Recruiter – Tutorial

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Welcome to Sprint CV, Sprint CV is the all-around solution that simplifies your company’s IT CV processes, by making sure that it always has up-to-date CVs, which are in the correct format, properly completed and promptly available. We built this tutorial in order to help you understand all of Sprint CV features. It will be continuously enhanced with more tips on how to better use Sprint CV to save your precious time. Here are the …

IT Consultant – Tutorial

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Welcome to Sprint CV, Sprint CV is a new innovative platform that will help you describe all the details of your career and enable you to transform your data in amazing IT CVs highlighting all your IT skills, all this will be done with a push of a button. We built this tutorial in order to help you to understand all the features of Sprint CV, we will continuously improve the tutorial with more tips …

automatically generate your Developer CV with Sprint CV and the new Developer CV template

Developer CV – Free IT CV template is now available

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After reading Niall Maher’s, Senior Front-end Developer from Ireland, great post “How to write a better CV – the web developer edition“, we have decided to reach out to him and launch our first community proposed CV template. Niall knows exactly the struggle of talented IT professionals to create a clear and accurate CV. He wants his colleagues to succeed so he gathered his best advice and created a CV template that we now call …

Europass CV for IT is not dead. Level up your game!

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Generic. Incomplete. Plain. These are common things we hear about Europass CV templates. Specifically, in the IT industry, it normally doesn’t give enough information or benefits the candidate. So, keep reading and learn how to turn the Europass CV into one of your best friends. And, if you are anything like us, spending time building a creative CV will get into your nerves. Europass CV is by far the most used CV template in Europe, …

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in IT recruitment - a guide

Is IT recruitment GDPR compliant?

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018. Every organization that collects and processes personal data of EU citizens and residents must comply with the new regulation approved by the European Parliament. The goal of GDPR is to reinforce people’s rights to their privacy and personal data protection. Ensuring GDPR compliance within the whole organization can be a strenuous task for any organization, especially for IT recruitment departments, whose core …

DIGIT-TM contract framework for the European Union. DIGIT-TM CV with Sprint CV

DIGIT-TM: European Commission framework contract

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  On the 26th of October of 2017, DG Informatics (DIGIT) launched an invitation letter for all market participants to bid on a new framework contract called DIGIT-TM. DIGIT-TM is a 1 Billion Euro contract from the European Commission for IT services across Europe, which was awarded on the 21st of July 2018. The intention of DIGIT-TM is to replace and aggregate other existent framework contracts like DESIS 3, STIS14, etc. in one single framework contract. Source – …

IT consultant signs a contract after being hired. He used a Sprint CV template, of course.

5 Tips for IT Professionals to Improve their Europass CV

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Getting employed in a prestigious company in Europe begins with an impressive and detailed Europass CV. That’s the first thing employers/recruiters would want to see before they proceed with the interview process and hiring the candidate. If you are aiming for a position in the IT industry, first you need to know some small tips that will help you improve your Europass CV. These will maximize your chances to be called for an interview. Why …

Hello world – Say ‘Hi!’ to Sprint CV


Hello everyone, It is with a great pleasure and honor that we bring you the first release of Sprint CV, a new IT CV generator that will enable you to generate your IT CV in a sprint, saving you a lot of time. Due to the complexity of the IT industry, nowadays, every company/client decides to set up their own CV template, a way that they use to standardize their internal processes of recruitment, like …